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Breiona Forsythe

Lesson Title:

Apps for Anatomy

Grade Level:

9th Grade



LT3210 Assignment:


Description of Learning Goals, Standards, Objectives


National Technology

Long-Term Learning
Goal or Outcome:

ABCD Objectives or

SAP1. Students will analyze anatomical structures in relationship to

their physiological
a. Apply correct terminology when explaining the orientation of body
parts and regions.
b. Investigate the interdependence of the various body systems to each
other and to the body as a whole.
6.Technology Operations and Concepts Students demonstrate a sound
understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.
a. understand and use technology systems.
b. select and use applications effectively and productively.
d. transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.
By the end of the unit, the learner will be able to create and identify the
skeletal anatomy and associate how the skeletal structures relate to the
human body as a whole.
They will be able to use appropriate technology to locate skeletal
anatomy, create a skeletal structure from the bones alone.
Objective: The learner will identify all the bone anatomy from the
different bones in the human body given by the Anatronica app.
Objective: The learner will state the orientation of the bone structures
and regions for majority of the bone structures of the human body.

Description of Assessment
Assessment Plan:

Assessment Plan:
The students will completely assemble and label a full human body
bone structure, using the Anatronica App. The students will then state
how at the minimum 50 bones are used in orientation relating to that
region of the body.
A correctly assembled and labeled skeletal structure will be used for
grading. A rubric is used for the statements.

Description of Activities with Technology and Materials

Activity Design:
Class starter and lesson connection:

Day 1:
Class opening:
Why do humans need bones in their bodies?
What are they used for?

Teacher activity:
Have students share their ideas from their class

Teacher and student activities:

Class technology activity:

The students will work in small group and use the
Anatronica App on their classroom tablets to
construct a full skeletal structure with the correct
labels attached to each bone.
Only groups of 5 or less will be allowed, and no
help from the professor or outside sources other
than the textbook.
The students will create a dropbox containing
statements from how each bone is orientated into
the body referring to region and function.

Technology Connection:

Day 2:
Class opening:
What are the human bones made up of?
Teacher activity:
First half of the class time will be over the
opening class question and the second half of the
class time will be over the previous night
homework activity. The students will compare
their answers from how they think each bone
function in the humans body.
Using dropbox give examples of how you can
break at least 10 bones in your body. These
should be separate case (one bone at a time).

Materials and Resources:

Day 3:
Class opening: Which bones contain cartilage?
Teacher activity?
Review the class opening and spend half the
class time exploring cartilage. Why is cartilage it
Technology/Student activity:
Using the Anatronica App and the students
textbook, the students will use paper to cut out
the different bones in the body. I will walk around
to assist students with bone size in relation to the
Students are to finish cutting out the different
bones for the next day activity.

Day 4:
Class opening:
Do all mammals usually have the same bones in
their bodies? Explain.
Students/Teacher activity:
The students will state there answers from the
class opening. Then I will explain the next days
protocol for the dissection of mice.
Technology activity:
Using the Anatronica app and a textbook,
students will glue together their cut out bones on
a piece of construction paper. We will hang these
projects around the classroom.
Explain how the anatomy of mice and human are
similar and how are they different. This should be
done on a comparison chart.
Day 5:
Class opening:
List the protocol for todays dissection of mice.
The students will turn in last nights assignment.
Teacher/student Activity:
Students will work in groups of 5 for the
dissection. Each student will have a mice and I
will instruct them where to cut, while pointing out
important bones and structures.
The students will prepare a reflection on what
they learned.

Reflection on Lesson Design

Future Actions :
The readings from D2L were very useful for this
lesson plan, because I was able to incorporate
dropbox as one of my tools of technology. The
Anatronica app is more of a challenge for my
subject and I have found it very useful in my past
studies. I use the power point and D2L modules
on most of my lesson plan assignments until I get
more comfortable.
After considering this lesson plan I would like to
incorporate more technology. For example, find a
way for my students to simulate bone structures
via technology.
The technology artifact I chose requires the
students to think about structures, location, and

function. Using technology students have to

identify correct terminology when explaining the
orientation of body parts and regions. Later
students generate statement based on function of
bone anatomy.