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Translation of Diwani Harf

Faqeer Ilallah wa Abduhu

The Easy Access to the Presence of

the Best
of the Messengers (SAW)

A Book by Mawlana Hadrat Sheikhul Islam Alhaj Ibrahim

Inyass (RA) may Allah bless us from his graces.

Translated by Abu Muhammad

For the English speaking lovers of the prophet(SAW),

And redistributing the works of Sheikh Ibrahim
And seeking the countenance of Allah.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Most


Letter B

And success is with Allah

First Couplet

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I was tried with the love of the chosen one, Ahmad, the Seal (of the
The essence of existences and the father of good manners in all its
ramifications .
The holy Quran stated that And Lo! Thou art of best character. Quran 68
Allah chose man with favours out of other creatures and chosen
prophets(ASA) out mankind with guidance and favours, He chose
Messengers(ASA) with guidance, favours and salvation; He then chose Five
out of them as Ulul Azmee with guidance, favours, salvation and Divine
proximity and finallay He chose Ahmad(SAW) with guidance , favours,
salvation, Divine proximity and intercession thus he(SAW) is referred to as
Khayril Baraya (The best of all creatures).
Quran 33:40 says, Muhammad is not the father of any man among you,

Second Couplet

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His passion came to me before I know of (any) passion,
I was frying in flames of yearnings of Ahmad.

The passion of the prophet(SAW) shall be above all passions otherwise ones
faith remains incomplete.

Third Couplet

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I am attached to him when people are in inevitable slumber (and
I enjoyed his love for long , I alone .

The sweet hours of the night when neighbours are all sleeping is sacrificed
by Sheikh(RA) to record poems in the love of the prophet(SAW), the love that
couldnt allow him to sleep. Day time and night are the same to Sheikh(RA)
he was always in yearning of the prophet(SAW) tears of yearning used to drop
from his eyes when people are sleeping in the late hours of the night. The
translator also used these hours translating this great work, emulating his
Safwan ibn Qudama said "I emigrated to the prophet and went to him and
said, 'MESSENGER OF ALLAH, I LOVE YOU' He said, 'A man is with the one he
loves'" Sunna of Tirmidhi, Vol. 4, page 23

Fourth Couplet

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And in this time (of ours) I was competed (in love of the prophet SAW)
while I am,
Jealous with whoever is desiring Muhammad (SAW).

Many saints attempted to compete with sheikh(RA) in love of the

prophet(SAW) and they were defeated because sheikh has dissolved his
personality in deep love of the prophet(SAW) he never became distracted
from loving the prophet(SAW).
Quran 3:31 says, Say (O Muhammad, to mankind & Genie): If ye love
Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is
forgiving , Merciful

Fifth Couplet

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However I am manifested (in that love) before them(those
competing with me)
And I have been successful over time, due to (blessings of)
Sheikh(RA) never play with loving the prophet(SAW) and he was always
there before others.
The prophet(SAW) responded to the love sheikh(RA) is having for him and
this response makes sheikh(RA) unique is his time. He was an active member
and a stakeholder in international organisations pursuing Islamic goals and
unity of the Muslims, some of these organisations he was a founder, few out
of such organisations are Muslim World League (Rabitat al-Alam al-Islami)
based in Saudi Arabia, of which he served as Vice President, the World Muslim
Congress (Mutamar al-Alam al-Islami; Karachi, Pakistan), the Islamic
Research Assembly (Majma al-Buhuth al-Islamiyya; Egypt) and the High

Sixth Couplet

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And why not(such wouldnt happen)? The mightiness of servant is as
a result of the mightiness of his king,
So all plain of existences are placed under the control of a black
slave(Sheikk Ibrahim Inyass).

Sheikh (RA) rose to the elevated position of the custodian of the flood which
sheikh Ahmad Tijjani(RA) the patron-saint of Tijjania sufi order predicted his
coming,The: spiritual flood will come in the hand of my disciple then people
will be initiated into our sufi order en masse. This spiritual flood will come
when people are in great difficulties. Allah raises Sheikh(RA) to that position
when people are recovering from second world war and Africa is plagued by
invasion by colonialists. It was estimated that about sixty million Muslims
were initiated into Tijjania Sufi order due to advent of Sheikh(RA)

Seventh Couplet

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O! Messenger of God raise my pleadings,
To Yourself, and so is my condition as you see (in) the black
servant(sheik himself).

Tawassul is part of prayer of the pious ones, Sheikh (RA) is making Tawassul
with the prophet(SAW) for his prayers and improvement in conditions leading
to spirituality and Islamic progress.
Sheikh(RA) used to called himself Black servant to show racism has no
place in Islam, skin colour is not a defect when there is faith and white skin is
not an achievement when there is no faith. Abu Lahab an Arab (white skin) go
to Hell because of his disbelieve and Bilal(RA) a black slave from Ethiopia go
to Paradise because of his fidelity.

Eighth Couplet

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My needs and the needs of all Muslims, do provide it,

On you, I myself freely and continuously place (the purification of)
my soul .
Sheikh(RA) place the needs of Muslims and his needs in his prayer Tawassuli
with prophet(SAW).

Ninth Couplet

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My time brings a hedge-free dimension,
Everlasting happiness and nourishment with no sadness.

It is in the time of Sheikh(RA) African countries achieved independence as

Sheikh(RA) rightly predicted in his book Alafriqiyyun lilafriyyin (Africa for
Africans) that before the end of his life most African nation will achieve
independence. Forever Independent African nations celebrate this moment
with happiness and festival; in 2020 Nigeria will celebrate diamond jubilee of
its independence from British rule. Independence became an everlasting gift
to African nations no physical colonialism will ever overtake these nations as
predicted Sheikh(RA). The time of the black Sheikh(RA) brings galore of
indepedence to the black nations

Tenth Couplet

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It dawn on me vigilant praying through the best channel,

Whoever is with the Messenger of God will be iron-hearted and

Sheikh(RA) has already placed his prayers channelling it through the

prophet(SAW) before he even felt the need to pray.
By channelling prayers through the prophet(SAW) one becomes iron-hearted
and fearless like Sheikh(RA) himself. Things that scares common men became
unknown to such hearts.
; and whoso followeth my guidance, there shall No fear come upon them
neither shall they grieved. Quran 2:38.

Eleventh Couplet

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I entrusted (all) my affairs to the Messenger of God, (and as a result)
he(SAW) continues,
To aid me each time, until I became an epitome of honour and
Sheikh(RA) entrusted everything of his to the prophet(SAW) and everything
of his is miraculously touched by the prophet(SAW) He lived for 75 year,
attained 75 virtues, gave birth to 75 children, visited 75 countries and
authored 75 textbooks. The 75 children are blessed to be righteous, 75
virtues never attain by anyone after, 75 countries blessed to be Islamic ones,
75 textbooks source of divine inspiration to its reader; and 75 years none like
it in this our time to the blowing of the trumpet.
Professors in pretigious Azhar university of Cairo conferred on sheikh(RA)
the title of Sheikhul Islam (The greatest Professor of Islamic studies) when he
deliver historic Fridays sermon and followed it up with several hours lectures

Twelfth Couplet

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Lo the eulogy of Mustapha(SAW) in the field of science,
Turning of bad taste and salty water (To good taste and not salty
In Chemistry there are physical changes and chemical changes, Chemists
believe physical change like putting sand in water is easily reversible with
common tool and procedure. However, chemical changes is hardly reversible
like salt in water and will require unique tools and procedure to separate.
Here is a man who never attend Chemistry class and never enter laboratory
separating salt water in well with no any tool. This man lives in the dark
region of the Earth at that time with no or little scientific discovery coming
from it, that is the Arabian peninsula and the man is Muhammad(SAW).

Thirteenth Couplet

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As a well that its water was hard and flourishing ,
For a year travellers galloped on horses by the well foaming (with
abundance of water).

We were one-thousand-and-four-hundred persons on the day of Al-Hudaibiya

(Treaty), and (at) Al-Hudaibiya (there) was a well. We drew out its water not
leaving even a single drop. The Prophet(SAW) sat at the edge of the well and
asked for some water with which he rinsed his mouth and then he threw it out
into the well. We stayed for a short while and then drew water from the well
and quenched our thirst, and even our riding animals drank water to their
Volume 1, Book 7, Number 340:
For listing of this miracle and others check Wikipedia listing of miracles of
Muhammad(SAW) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracles_of_Muhammad
The well of Hudaibiyya as it stands today.

Fourteenth Couplet

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Obsessed was Salman(RA) with the yearning of our beloved(the
Prophet SAW),
It cannot be measured even when written in volumes.
The young man from the land of Persia (Present day Iran), initially in
darkness practising other faith, love of the last prophet(SAW) carried him
away from Persia to Arabia where he met the prophet(SAW) and professed
Islamic faith; this story can be found at:
http://www.beautifulislam.net/sahabah/salman_farsi.htm , and

Fifteenth Couplet

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And it was, miracles with all prophets(ASA),
Through him(SAW) they achieved it, and beseech abundant of
achievements(Through him).

The prophet(SAW) on the authority of Umar(RA) said When Adam committed his
mistake he said:O my Lord, I am asking you to forgive me for the sake of
Muhammad. Allah said: O Adam, and how do you know about Muhammad whom I have
not yet created? Adam replied, O my Lord, after You created me with your hand and
breathed into me of Your Spirit, I raised my head and saw written on the heights of the
not place next to Your Name but the Most Beloved One of Your creation. Allah said: O
Adam, I have forgiven you, and were it not for Muhammad I would not have created

The prophet(SAW) said I am the leader of the children of Adam, and it is no boast. I
will be the first one for whom the earth will be split open on the Day of Resurrection, and

Sixteenth Couplet

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So are the miracles of the people of saintship,
From him(SAW) they acquired what they would, with gratitudes.

Even as We have sent unto a Messenger from among you, who reciteth
unto you Our revealations and causeth you to grow, and teacheth you the
scripture and wisdom, and teacheth you what you knew not. Quran 2:151.

Seventeenth Couplet

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O! the Doer of good , O! the Protector of all, for the sake of our
Do enrich this servant with what he is desiring (love of the prophet
SAW) and guidance.
The Messenger of God (SAW) said, Prayer(beseeching God) is the weapon
of a believer.

Eighteenth Couplet

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Do shield us and protect us always, (for the sake of) my
master(Muhammad SAW),
Against all forms of evils You decreed, and aid (us).

Sheikh(RA) finishes the poem with a prayer, he himself doing Tawassul with
the prophet(SAW) as early prophets(ASA) did.
Sheikh (RA) prays may God wards away all evils from us, evils which He
decreed on us, a prayer not neglecting the sixth article of Islamic faith, the
belief that all destinies comes from Gods decreeing.

Nineteenth Couplet

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And join my attributes to be (imitating) yours always,
Perfect my gnosis and knowledge and fortified (me).

Irfan (Gnosis) is the knowledge about the Creator and knowledge is

knowledge about anything not the Creator. Baalam was given knowledge of
the two types but was not fortified with holy spirit and these knowledges
made him derailed from the right path. One should ask to be fortified by God
with faith which will guide how best to use these knowledges.

Twentieth Couplet

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And enlighten me, and belonging to our party,
A veridical guide , (with) manifestation of truth in all epoch.

. They are Allahs party. Lo! Is not Allahs party who are the successful.
Quran 58:22.

Twenty-First Couplet

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And guide us to the peak of guidance, threaded by a society,
Of the men of sublime faith and regimented army of victory.

The blessed companions of the prophet(SAW) whose faith in the

prophet(SAW) mission is so sublime that they recruited themselves into army
to defend him and his Divine mission against evil forces raised against the
faith. This army defeated the famous pagan empires of the world, the Persian
empire and the Egyptian empire knelt before this army.

Twenty-Second Couplet

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Benedictions and salutations to whom is called

The master of piety, his companions, and households of Ahmad.

The prophet(SAW) is reported to have said: The closest to me among you,

on the day of judgement, is the one who recites benediction to me most.

The complete Harf Ba

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