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Direct InstructionLesson Plan Template

Grade Level/Subject: 4th grade

Central Focus: Integrating information from two texts on
the same topic
Essential Standard/Common Core Objective: CCSS.ELALiteracy.RI.4.9
Date submitted:Date taught:
Integrate information from two texts on the same topic in
order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably.
Daily Lesson Objective: Students will independently be able to integrate information from two
texts on the same topic and then use the information they read about to write about the topic.
Conditions: Students will complete this activity individually.
Criteria: To show that the students understand this topic, they will need to receive 4 out of 5
points on the independent practice activity.
21st Century Skills: Students will
Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
communicate clearly by expressing Vocabulary): Students will be integrating information from
their ideas and thoughts using
two texts in order to write a short paragraph about the
their communication skills.
topic. In order to do this, students will need to identify
important details in both of the passages. During this
lesson, students will be reading, writing, speaking and
Prior Knowledge: Students should be able to compare and contrast the most important points
and key details presented in two texts on the same topic.

1. Focus and Review

2. Statement of
for Student
3. Teacher Input

Description of Activities and Setting

I will ask students questions to get them thinking. What does
it mean to integrate? What is a text? I will expect them to say
that integrating means to combine two things to become one.
I would also expect them to say that the text is the words in a
passage or story.
Today we will learn how to integrate information from two
texts on the same topic and then write about the topic using
the information we found out in the reading.
Imagine that your teacher gives you a social studies
-first pick an island where people live. You will learn how they
came to live there.
-Then, find two websites about the history of the island and its
-You will write down information from each website
-Finally, you will write a paragraph that puts together the facts
from the two websites
You pick Tasmania and you find two websites about it.
Tasmania and
In 1642, a Dutch sailor
Australia used to be
discovered Tasmania


4. Guided Practice

5. Independent

6. Assessment
Methods of

connected as a single
large island.
Humans walked to the
land that would
become Tasmania
about 30,000 years
10,000 years ago the
ocean split Tasmania
and Australia. People
stayed on the island.

and its people.

In 1794, the French
built the first
European-style town
of Tasmania.
In 1856, European
nations all agreed to
call the island

So youve found your facts now its time to combine them into
a paragraph.
About 30,000 years ago, Australia and the land that
would become Tasmania were one land mass. The first
people who came to Tasmania were able to walk there.
Then, about 10,000 years ago, the ocean split Tasmania
from Australia, but people remained on the new island.
Europeans discovered the island and its people in 1642,
built the first European-style town in 1794, and named
the island Tasmania in 1856.
Finding and combining information from two sources is a great
skill to practice. The more reading you do, the more
information youll gather and the more information you
gather, the more knowledgeable youll be.
Together we are going to read The History of the Camera and
How We Use Cameras. As we read we will write down
important information in our chart from each article we read.
After we read we will answer a few questions that point out
important information from the passage. Then, we will write a
paragraph explaining what we just read about cameras.
Independently you will read Hygiene and The Importance of
Hygiene. As you read, you will write down important
information about hygiene. After you read you will answer a
few questions and then write a paragraph about hygiene
using both of the passages that you read. Your paragraph
should include at least four details from the passages.
The teacher will collect the work that the students completed during the
independent practice. To show that the student understood this concept
they will need to get at least 4 out of 5 points on their paragraph.
Each detail will get one point
Grammar-1 point

7. Closure

I will ask the students to tell me why it is important to

integrate information from two different texts. I will also ask
when they may use this strategy.

8. Assessment
Results of
Targeted Students
Modifications/Accommodations: Students
that cant see or hear very well will be able
to sit near the front of the classroom so they
can see the powerpoint and hear the
teacher. ELL can have a passage in English
and their native language to help them
understand the passage. I can also pair
students during the guided practice with a
peer that will be beneficial to them.

Student/Small Group
Modifications/Accommodations: If students need
more practice I would give them another topic
with passages and allow them to use information
from both of the passages to write a paragraph
about it. If students need more guided help I will
pull a group aside and work with them as a group.

(Include any instructional materials (e.g., worksheets, assessments PowerPoint/Smart Board slides, etc.) needed to implement the lesson at
the end of the lesson plan.)

-Camera passages
-My report on Cameras worksheet
-Camera questions worksheet
-Hygiene passages
-My report on Hygiene worksheet
-Hygiene questions worksheet
-Ready North Carolina English Language Arts Instruction
Reflection on lesson: