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SWOT Analysis- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is planning to open their doughnut franchise in the Bryan/ College
Station area. Very few large doughnut franchises are located in this area, and Krispy Kreme
believes that this will be a successful investment for their brand. Their primary target audience
will be college students because this audience makes up a large portion of the BCS population.
Their secondary target audience will include families who live in the area, people in the
workforce (including people who work on/off the two college campuses), and other doughnut/
Krispy Kreme brand lovers.
Gender (male/female)
Education level (high school,
college, graduate/professional
Geographic location (where the
audience lives)
Values and beliefs (in general
and in relation to the
product/service or business being
Attitudes (specific perceptions
and/or misperceptions about the
topic of the communication)

Both male and female.
College aged (18-25)
Does not affect marketing

Both male and female.
Does not affect marketing

Does not affect marketing

Texas A&M University/
Blinn College Campus
(Bryan/College Station)
Personal values and beliefs
should not be relevant to the
marketing of this product.

Does not affect marketing

Bryan/ College Station area

Students will expect Krispy

Kreme to uphold its high
standards of service and its
quality of its products.

This audience will expect

the Krispy Kreme franchise
to uphold its high standards
of service and its high
quality of products. At the
same time, this audience
will expect Krispy Kreme
to cater to their needs as
well as college students

Personal values and beliefs
should not be relevant to the
marketing of this product.

Lifestyles (interests and activities

shared by the audience that may
influence their attitudes towards
the product, service or business)

Information Sources and

What sources of information
does your audience access to
learn about the product, service
or business?

needs. While convenience

and fast service is important
to this audience, other
factors are as well. If the
Krispy Kreme franchises
seem to cater more towards
college students and act
indifferent towards other
customers this might
discourage non-college
students from buying their
products. To combat this,
Krispy Kreme will have
several franchises located
off-campus to better service
BCS residents.
Krispy Kreme will need to
cater to the workforce by
supplying high quality
products at low prices in a
timely manner. In addition,
the franchises will need to
exhibit a kid friendly
atmosphere for children and
young families.

The college life is very fastpaced and products need to

be convenient. The
franchise will meet these
requirements by having offcampus as well as oncampus locations. On
campus locations will
include late night/early
morning delivery to
residents/ groups on campus
including but not limited to:
students, faculty,
gatherings, and study
Krispy Kreme will place
ads in beginning of the year
planners/ coupon books that
are given away free to
students during Gig em
week. The franchise will
advertise its new locations
by newspapers, such as the
Battalion but not limited to

This audience will gain

information through various
forms of media. Many of
the forms of media used
will be the same as the
primary audience. Local
newspapers and television/
radio channels will have ads
for the franchises. Billboard

What delivery channels does the

audience use to get information?

Prior Knowledge and

What do the audience members
already know about the product,
service or business?

In general, how informed are


Have they had previous

experiences that may be related
to the product, service or

it, local radio stations and

news channels, social
media, and word of mouth.
In addition, Krispy Kreme
will strive to seek a
partnership with Texas
A&M University in order to
become the official
doughnut of Texas A&M.
College students often use
social media and word of
mouth. However, with
locations on-campus,
students will have an easy
way to learn about the
opening of the franchise.

ads will also be placed

around the city. Word of
mouth will be a vital source
of media for this audience
to receive their information.

Most audience members

should know about the high
quality of products and
great service that Krispy
Kreme exhibits. However,
for those unaware, Krispy
Kreme will have a booth
set-up during Gig em week
and be giving away free
doughnuts. On-campus
locations will also offer
special raffles/trivia games
for free donuts the week of
every home football game.
The audience should be
well informed about the
business, but extra
measures will be taken (like
the ones above) to market
and advertise the product.
Possible previous
experience would have
occurred if they have ever
eaten a Krispy Kreme
doughnut. This is very

Most of the groups in this

audience should be familiar
with the Krispy Kreme
brand. In order to reinforce
positive current knowledge,
the franchises will have
various events and
promotionals. These
techniques will also be used
to change negative thoughts
or people with limited
knowledge of the franchise.

This audience will primarily

use local newspapers, radio
stations, and television
channels to get their
information. They will also
use word of mouth and
some forms of social media.

The audience should be

fairly informed. However,
the franchises will still take
extra measures to market
and advertise their products.
As with the primary
audience, previous
experience is likely. The
franchises will still
advertise/market their

likely, but even if they

products in order to
havent the franchises will
showcase their beliefs of
be sure to market their
high quality products.
doughnuts in a very positive
Campaign Objectives:
This campaign will have two main objectives: To sell the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts product in
the Bryan/College Station area and influence consumers to buy the product. By accomplishing
both of these objectives, the Krispy Kreme franchise will make money and promote its brand in
a new area (strengthen brand loyalty).
The Bryan/ College Station area is an urbanized area that offers many products and services.
However, the presence of large chain donut franchises are scarce. This campaign will actively
seek to sell and influence consumers to buy from the Krispy Kreme franchise. The franchise will
seek to gain an advantage over the slim competition by establishing its well know brand.


Not considered healthy

Only offer "breakfast type" foods

Recognizable brand
Brand loyalty
High standard of quality
Affordable products
Good taste
Convenient/fast service

SWOT Analysis

Other popular breakfast choices

Competitor doughnut franchises
such as Shipley Do-Nuts
Consumers choose not to eat


Seek sponsorship with Texas

A&M (Official Aggie Doughnut)
Special pomotions such as the
"Maroon Out" Doughnut
PR and advertising opportunities
in students' Gig 'em week

Campaign Strategy:
The Krispy Kreme franchise will promote its high standard of quality to the residents of the BCS
area in order to accomplish its campaign objectives. The franchise wants to convey the brands
commitment to quality and convenience and uphold both its mission, To touch and enhance
lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme, and its vision, To be the worldwide leader in
sharing delicious tastes and creating joyful memories. The campaign will strive to uphold both
the franchises mission/vision and successfully market the product in order to establish a strong
franchise in the BCS area.

Creative Tactics:
In order to successfully market the Krispy Kreme Doughnut franchise in the Bryan/College
Station area, the franchise will seek to appeal to the areas strong ties to Texas A&M University.
Advertising will promote the franchises support of tradition and excellence. By striving to
become the official doughnut of Texas A&M, having on-campus locations with 24 hour delivery,
and accepting dining dollars, Krispy Kreme will establish its support of the students and faculty
at Texas A&M. In order to reach students, the franchise will use on campus media channels such
as The Battalion and the franchises on-campus location. To reach the secondary audience, the
franchise will use billboards, newspapers, and general word of mouth. Social media will be used
to reach both audiences.

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