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A pril 7 , 2 016 at 5 :50:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Subject: Re: Midtown Wal-Mart

Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 9:08:31 PM Eastern Standard Time

Mendez, Victoria
Iglesias, Peter, Min, Barnaby

As long as the enNNes you have listed below are the proper enNNes that would be parNes to signing the unity or
covenant in lieu, your statements are accurate. Thank you.

Victoria Mndez, City A<orney

Board CerNed, City, County and
Local Government
City of Miami Oce of the City
Telephone: 305-416-1832
Facsimile: 305-416-1801
Assistant: Marta Gomez (305) 416-1844
On Feb 9, 2016, at 2:12 PM, "Richard.Perez@hklaw.com" <Richard.Perez@hklaw.com> wrote:

Dear Victoria:

I have had the opportunity to review the correspondence between the City of Miami and Wal-
Mart with respect to the issuance of the foundaNon permit for the construcNon of the Wal-Mart
to be located at the intersecNon of North Miami Avenue and N.E. 31st Street (the Project). I
write to obtain conrmaNon from you that (i) the City has only issued to Wal-Mart a Phased
Permit FoundaNon Only, for the Project, (ii) the Phased Permit for the Project is currently in a
locked status, and (iii) the City will not issue any addiNonal permits required for the verNcal
construcNon of the Project unNl such Nme as a unity of Ntle or a covenant in lieu of unity of Ntle
is executed as between Wal-Mart, the Midtown Community Development District, and Midtown
OpportuniNes IXB, LLC, which is the owner of the liner property along the Projects boundary
with Midtown Boulevard.

If the foregoing accurately reects the understanding that the City of Miami reached with Wal-
Mart, we respeckully request that you verify the same to us.

Best regards,

Richard Perez | Holland & Knight
Holland & Knight LLP
701 Brickell Avenue, Suite 3300 | Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.789.7630 | Fax 305.789.7799
richard.perez@hklaw.com | www.hklaw.com
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