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<wharrves> https://www.youtube.com/watch?

<ntnix> wharrves: you ufcking fukcl
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<ntnix> https://imgur.com/JCm9Pxx
<ntnix> Look at my answers
<xtrp> yeah w/e enjoy your popular buzz word sloth
<ntnix> you fucking biased fuck
<xtrp> me I'm not worried
<ntnix> God damn fucking sellout
<wharrves> >moderate
<ntnix> xtrp: I know right
<sloth> >moderate
<wharrves> bullshit alrady on the 3rd q
~<quinch> loooool
<ntnix> xtrp: all he does its repeat shit
<sloth> >gender: male
<sloth> yeah right
~<quinch> fukken #4 haaaaaaa
<sloth> ^
<wharrves> >individuals responsibility to provide for themselves
<sloth> "socialize healthcare"
<sloth> "socialize food"
<wharrves> you vote FUCKING LABOR
<sloth> "socialize new bottles for me to piss in"
<sloth> ntnix confirmed liar
<Ryss> socialize dis diq
<sloth> wharrves: do we have to take this test for ntnix?
<wharrves> yeah, this is untrustworthy
~<quinch> it seems so
<ntnix> who whoa whoa
<sloth> okay so
<sloth> views
<ntnix> I didnt put that in for #4
<sloth> extremely liberal?
<ntnix> oh shit
<ntnix> When I scroll
<ntnix> I use the down arrow
<wharrves> ntnix: you answered against welfare and you vote labor
<wharrves> what the fuck dude
<ntnix> yeah wharrves
<sloth> #4 okay
<ntnix> I think when I pressed down
<wharrves> that makes no sense
<ntnix> it actually didnt scroll
<sloth> i'm guessing ntnix needs everything provided
~<quinch> >republic
~<quinch> kek
<ntnix> yah wharrves let me redo that one
<sloth> #5
<sloth> i'm thinking ntnix would want it siezed
<wharrves> no let him do it
+<lulzilla> >taxing CEOs for working 80-100hrs/wk and getting compensated for th
at burden
+<lulzilla> disgusting
<sloth> wharrves: k but i want fucking proofs
<wharrves> ntnix: retake it and be honest
<sloth> make him stream him taking the test
<wharrves> you are not a moderate either

<sloth> none of his liberal lies

<sommer> welp
<wharrves> you're a damned labor voter
<sloth> sommer: you
<sloth> fucking
<sloth> cuck
<sommer> yeah
<ntnix> wharrves: I just did
<ntnix> I fixed two
<sloth> ugh i can't even
<sloth> look at you
<sloth> rn
<ntnix> cause of the down arrow
<ntnix> and guess what
+<lulzilla> >white privlege existing
+<lulzilla> l
+<lulzilla> o
+<lulzilla> l
<ntnix> 28 % still
<wharrves> this is bullshit
<sloth> my tummy just made a noise like a pidgeon
<ntnix> Yeah wharrves
<sloth> the fuck??
<sloth> birds in my tummy
<sommer> im sorry
<ntnix> its almostwhats talked about on irc isnt an exact representation of real
<ntnix> like you and quinch should know that
<sloth> wharrves: hes lying
<sloth> i'm taking it for him
<sloth> okay gun ownership
<wharrves> im retaking it for him
<xtrp> a lot of the test I was thinking "I'd be fine with either of these statem
<sloth> ntnix likes guns but is cuckfraid of them
<xtrp> then it makes you choose one
<sloth> SCORES
<sloth> SCORES
<sloth> SCORES
<sloth> SCORES
<wharrves> im going to be fair
@<leaf> whore
<sloth> wharrves: screenshot that shit
<sloth> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6VTj7LhCtE
<sloth> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6VTj7LhCtE
<sloth> i don't trust you not to feel the cucking call of your country and get a
ll empathetic
+<lulzilla> 3 things a state should be concerned with: national defense, enforci
ng contracts, protecting citizens from crimes committed on their persons and pro
<sloth> ponbiki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6VTj7LhCtE
<ntnix> .tappend wharrves irl: <wharrves> im retaking it for him <----- Sounds l
ike someone needs a safe space on #99chan
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m || wharrves irl: <wharrves> im retaking it for him <----- Sounds like someone
needs a safe space on #99chan
+<lulzilla> any other answer is a cuck answer
<ntnix> .topic wharrves irl: <wharrves> im retaking it for him <----- Sounds lik
e someone needs a safe space on #99chan
* IronDink has changed the topic to: wharrves irl: <wharrves> im retaking it for

him <----- Sounds like someone needs a safe space on #99chan

<wharrves> zinged me good dude
<wharrves> okay, im going to be transparent here
<ntnix> quiet cuck
<sloth> .tappend sounds like someone needs a hugbox
* IronDink has changed the topic to: wharrves irl: <wharrves> im retaking it for
him <----- Sounds like someone needs a safe space on #99chan || sounds like som
eone needs a hugbox
<sloth> !ntnix
<Tonto> ntnix: https://i.imgur.com/LDXHWit.jpg
<ntnix> .tappend
<ntnix> .rappend
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him <----- Sounds like someone needs a safe space on #99chan
<wharrves> you vote labor in canada
<sloth> >clearly autismoing the topic
<sloth> >again
<ntnix> wharrves: did I trigger you
<sloth> lololol
<wharrves> you get "extremely liberal" to keep it on the same page as us in the
<ntnix> did your predeterimined thought not work
~<quinch> 32 haaaaa
<wharrves> no im being real
<ntnix> wharrves: No you arnt
<ntnix> wharrves: You know me, once I made a decision I stick with it
<wharrves> yes, you vote canadian labor, thats extremely liberal
<sloth> >reconns himself erry day
<wharrves> i know, because you talk about how you vote
<sloth> >"i stick with it"
<sloth> lol u don't even stick with who you say you are bud
<wharrves> its the truth
<wharrves> >moderate | fukn pls kid
<ntnix> wharrves: You are committing fraud as I See it
<wharrves> on 4 you now have right to basic necessities
<wharrves> because that, again, is how you vote
<sloth> >not complying in ntnix's lies to protect spergboy's ego
<sloth> >"fraud"
<ntnix> wharrves: and as I said I fixed that
<ntnix> and it was still 28%
<ntnix> wharrves is being a fuck
<sloth> wharrves: zline all cucks when
<ntnix> and is a big baby
<ntnix> Fucking baby wharrves
<wharrves> 5 6 and 7 ill keep the same for you
~<quinch> >as the tantrum continues
~<quinch> loloooollol
<ntnix> Not as cut as dry as those people say
<sloth> ntnix is terrified rn
<sloth> that his cuckdom is going to be outed
<wharrves> so on 8, you dont believe in lgbt values? are you a bigot???
<sloth> wharrves: i saw him defend kod's "sexuality" a bunch of times
<sloth> tbh
<sloth> hes deffo pro lgbt
<sloth> pro filth
<Ryss> yall niggas need jesus tbh
<sloth> also wharrves with this obvious hysteria i request you change his gender
to female

<wharrves> ntnix: answer pls

~<quinch> yes. def female
<ntnix> wharrves: I was answering scientifically
<ntnix> So yeah two
<wharrves> thats disingenuous but ill allow it
<ntnix> Ive mentioned this to rick and you
<ntnix> but I get it wharrves
<ntnix> theatre
<ntnix> I know whats going on
<wharrves> wait, sex is scientific
<wharrves> what about gender
<Weeabot> gender neutral
<wharrves> answer
<Ryss> im gender neutrois
<ntnix> So yeah two
<wharrves> you really dont think hate speech is a crime?
<ntnix> Freedom of speech
<ntnix> Let the populace figure out who is a retard
<ntnix> and who isnt :P
<wharrves> so i can say kill all the jews as much as i want
<ntnix> yes
<wharrves> ok good to know
<ntnix> and its my right to not listen to you and say how much of a cuck and sor
e loser you are
<wharrves> okay, so on the natives in canada
* ntnix checks the script
<wharrves> you just want to leave them out in the cold?
<Ryss> kill em
<wharrves> just to freeze by themselves ntnix?
<ntnix> You dont live in Canada wharrves
+<lulzilla> gas the cucks, moral war now
<ntnix> You dont know
<ntnix> How much they have wasted
<ntnix> I figure
~<quinch> those college kids better come up with some cash for school
<ntnix> lower the net
+<lulzilla> u voted in dude weedman
<wharrves> ^
+<lulzilla> and are now becoming more cucked than fucking sweden
<ntnix> quinch: Did you go to school?
<wharrves> like, i hear what you're saying on all these, but your voting doesn't
back any of these statements up
~<quinch> never. not even pre-school
<ntnix> quinch: did you choose this?
+<lulzilla> school is atheist-communist indoctrination
<ntnix> wharrves: Lower the safety net for them
<wharrves> i skipped daycare to roll blunts tbh
<ntnix> wharrves: You dont live here
~<quinch> erry day
<ntnix> quinch: did you choose this?
<wharrves> ntnix: "lower it" but dont eliminate it?
<ntnix> wharrves: To what I have
<wharrves> thats a positive buddy
<wharrves> okay, changed that answer
<ntnix> wharrves: and I have a lot
<wharrves> its like pulling teeth but we get the truth with you
<ntnix> wharrves: Normal white cis me has a lot
<wharrves> okay, so dont lie on question 11
<wharrves> i changed it

<ntnix> wharrves: Yeah almost like you have a pre-determined conclusion with me
~<quinch> we know the answer to that one now
<wharrves> yeah, my conclusion is that the rest of us played fair in an activity
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<wharrves> that's sacred buddy
* ntnix rolls at wharrves
<ntnix> wow wharrves
<wharrves> >one thing you could improve
<wharrves> >business opportunities
<wharrves> >voted for trudeau
<wharrves> again, here we are
~<quinch> looool
<wharrves> i need another answer for 14
<wharrves> gimme the truth ntnix
<sloth> fuck this is the best entertainment i've had in ages
<sloth> flyers getting cucked
<sloth> ntnix getting cucked
<sloth> good times
<Ryss> even i didnt vote for leweedman 2016 smh
<ntnix> sloth: then you lvie a boring life
<sloth> tbh this entire show has just proved that ntnix is 100% cuck
<Weeabot> just proved yourself that isn't awful
<ntnix> wharrves: same answer
~<quinch> kek
@<logancrat> 99chan IS a safespace
<wharrves> ntnix: what did trudeau promise to do to expand business opportunity
<ntnix> Just like quinch; sloth is proven that irc is his hoppy/escapism
<wharrves> what is a hoppy
<sloth> i sure do like a hoppy irc
<sloth> with a good head
~<quinch> quit trying to drag people into your flaming trainwreck of lies
@<logancrat> look at how long it took meow to be ejected and tell me this ISNT a
~<quinch> it doesn't work
<ntnix> wharrves: entrepreneurship
<sloth> but not too bitter
<sloth> u can really ruin a hoppy irc by making it bitter
<wharrves> ntnix: how did he promise to "entrepreneurship"
<ntnix> quinch: How did the marriage counselor session go
<Weeabot> counselor
<sloth> :<
<ntnix> did you explain to them what irc was
<sloth> flyers scored
<sloth> fml
~<quinch> lol
<wharrves> ntnix: you voted for him because you want equality
<wharrves> thats the only reason anyone voted for trudeau
<sloth> ^
<sloth> and because he wants to be cucked by immigents
<ntnix> wharrves: same answer
<wharrves> srsly man, lie to me, but dont lie to yourself
<ntnix> wharrves: same answer
<wharrves> no, im changing it based on the labor voting
<sloth> wharrves: ntnix only knows how to lie
<wharrves> overruled
<wharrves> 14 didnt get a srs answer but its getting overruled here
* ntnix rolls eyes
<ntnix> wow okay
<wharrves> your answer makes no sense

<wharrves> its fraud

<ntnix> I guess in wharrves nazi show trial its kinda pointles
<ntnix> Thats good to know
@<logancrat> what is, uh
@<logancrat> whats being debated here
<Weeabot> the gravity carrot: was pretty epic win this in seconds and heard you
ever debated how a place u made me lose 10ml or whatever killed wrex
<wharrves> no, not at all, i asked you to reconcile it with your trudeau voting
<wharrves> you couldnt do it
~<quinch> ban milhouse for perjury
<wharrves> ntnix: you have one post rn to convince me that your voting history a
nd political mindset means that business is the most important thing for you
<ntnix> quinch: did you tell the counselor what irc was
<ntnix> wharrves: Yeah as a Canadian
<wharrves> you have 30 seconds, and them im marking 14 equality and moving on
<ntnix> we need grwoth
<ntnix> *growth
<wharrves> okay, and how does your extensive labour history reflect your desire
for that
<ntnix> and diversification
<wharrves> ^
<wharrves> diversification, gotcha
~<quinch> ooooo
<wharrves> moving on....
<ntnix> ALike
<ntnix> Relying on Albertas "oil" is dumb
<wharrves> yeah fuck that key industry, you need more multicultural halal small
<ntnix> Relying on highschool dropouts to rip tar out of the Earth doesnt exactl
y fly when some arabs can sell it at fraction
* wharrves marks equality and social justice
<wharrves> moving on, thank you
<sloth> hahahaha
<sloth> shit wharrves should go to iraq and interogate them hajis
<ntnix> wharrves: Did Gobbels wipe your ass this morning
<wharrves> i wish
<wharrves> ill keep 15 the same, thank you for your honesty
@<leaf> <ntnix> Relying on highschool dropouts to rip tar out of the Earth doesn
t exactly fly when some arabs can sell it at fraction
@<leaf> really
<wharrves> same with 16
@<leaf> who would have know
leaf: I know right
<wharrves> yeah, fuck the blue collar working class
<ntnix> wharrves: Yeah they get the most tax credits, pensions and the like than
ks to Harper
@<leaf> yet here we are and alberta is on suicide watch
<wharrves> what a bunch of asshole white males doing manual labor, fuck them
<ntnix> wharrves: and you didnt grow up with them either
<lola> Wharrves you can't say that I'm triggered
@<leaf> breh as someone with a trade
<wharrves> yeah, marked equality bigtime
@<leaf> its easy retard work
<lola> I identify as an asshole white male you fuck
~<quinch> wharrves re: #15 [15:40] ntnix wharrves: Normal white cis me has a lot
@<leaf> also rig pigs make like 120-140k
<ntnix> quinch: pastebin it, after you die of liver failure that will live forev
er as your contribution to the world
<wharrves> ntnix: im going to keep 17 the same
<wharrves> i believe you value freedom of speech

<wharrves> im not unreasonable here. im just finding the truth

<wharrves> neutral/dont know on feminism. explain that answer ntnix
<ntnix> The common views are clouded
<ntnix> and gender politics hasnt really affected me
<wharrves> well, place a median on it
<ntnix> wharrves: same answer
<wharrves> okay in the absence of an answer, im going to defer to your trudeau v
oting again
<ntnix> wow
<ntnix> Not biased at all
<wharrves> moving on
<wharrves> this is what you vote for. i didnt make you vote that way
<wharrves> we'll say somewhat positive, ill split the difference with you
<lindso> oof
<lindso> im dead
<lindso> i drank so much at my cousins wedding last night
<lindso> then sat in the car for 7 hours
<ntnix> wharrves: "Positive"
<wharrves> okay thx
<wharrves> im keeping the same through 28
<ntnix> Jesus fuck
* ntnix rolls eyes
<wharrves> im being very fair, those sound like honest answers
<wharrves> you think that the workplace is demographically balanced?
<lindso> lol wharrves is goin REAL hard rn
<wharrves> but what about trudeau ntnix?
<ntnix> I strategically voted
<wharrves> lindso: hes not getting off the hook
<ntnix> I didnt like him
<lindso> i can tell haha
~<quinch> HAAAAA
<ntnix> but I still voted
<ntnix> to remove the Oil fuck
~<quinch> DIDN'T LIKE HIM
<lindso> im a cuck
~<quinch> top kek
<sommer> tru
<ntnix> and I wanted the NDP to win
<wharrves> NDP is extremely pro multiculti
<ntnix> wharrves: now they are
<lindso> its easier just to admit it
<sommer> yeah
<wharrves> they were when you voted
<lindso> sommer did u take the test
<ntnix> wharrves: Yeah
<ntnix> I know that
<sommer> yes
<sloth> http://i.imgur.com/f3LHW1D.png <--- wharrves and ntnix rn
<lindso> whatd u get
<ntnix> Theres a reason why I didnt vote for the
<sommer> 46%
<ntnix> *then
<lindso> omg
<sommer> borderline cuck
<sommer> VERY HIGH borderline
<lindso> thats a lot of cuck
<sommer> well i learned from the best
* poe (t@kin.it.srs) has joined
<lindso> DAMN

<wharrves> im upgrading you to the middle section on diversity

<ntnix> wowwwww
<ntnix> Just like that
<lola> You guys are adorable
<wharrves> ntnix: you vote NDP, it means you want more minorities. this is your
record, not mine
<ntnix> I would vote ndp
<ntnix> Dig up the 2011 platform wharrves
<wharrves> okay well there we go. moving on
<ntnix> I voted for that
<wharrves> you voted for it this year
<ntnix> but not the 2015 platform
<wharrves> moving on
<ntnix> No I dint
<wharrves> moving on
<ntnix> I voted for the Liberals
<ntnix> Wow wharrves
<wharrves> okay well there we go
<wharrves> moving on
<Weeabot> having to see my parents are moving is david?
<sommer> this is really something
<wharrves> ntnix: as a liberal, you actually do think there is a liberal bias in
<ntnix> The only question related to the Liberal/Con bias was in the refugee que
<ntnix> lola: wharrves needs his safe space
<wharrves> >Do you believe there is a political bias among the academics of Amer
ica and Western Europe?
<wharrves> ntnix: Don't you look at her, look at me.
<wharrves> im downgrading you to no significant
<ntnix> wharrves: There does appear to be I would like a more well rounded retur
n to things
<ntnix> I would like viewpoints to be explored
<wharrves> so you want more conservative views
<ntnix> wow
<wharrves> you want more conservative views or not?
<ntnix> Jesus fuck
<wharrves> so you dont, you think its fine
<ntnix> did Gobbells suck you off ths morning
<wharrves> god, i wish
<wharrves> downgraded to no significant
<wharrves> Okay, 32 is a blatant lie
<wharrves> please revise your answer so i dont have to
<lindso> here's ntnix https://41.media.tumblr.com/25e41e7e50e69103bd7ab8d6781f4e
<ntnix> wharrves: Criminal code of Canada is pretty strict in the defs of the te
<ntnix> so my answer is the same
<wharrves> you gave the libertarian answer. im bumping you up to Private industr
y should be allowed, but under careful state supervision.
<ntnix> lindso: the colours need to be de-saturated more, along with more jpeg c
<ntnix> wharrves: really
* atticus (atticus@anon-2E142723.satx.res.rr.com) has joined
<wharrves> you vote labour, its not reasonable for you to say you only approve o
f criminal regulation
<wharrves> its a lie
<atticus> wharrves!
<wharrves> ayyyticus

<wharrves> ntnix: okay, ill leave the rest the same

<wharrves> sloth: Mark him 47%
<ntnix> atticus: wharrves has me on a Nazi show trial
<wharrves> perilously borderline
<sloth> scores
<sloth> scores
<sloth> scores
<atticus> what are you dumb nerds arguing about now
<ntnix> ^
<sloth> wharrves: http://i.imgur.com/t8nN9KJ.png irc rn
<wharrves> lol
<sloth> also marked as 47
<wharrves> look, i'm not judging here
<wharrves> i just want a fair playing field if we're going to do a group activit
<atticus> lol the shit is this
<ntnix> atticus: wharrves needs someone to rant at
<sloth> atticus: we found a cuck test
<sloth> and ntnix lied on it
~<quinch> lol
<wharrves> atticus: http://www.gotoquiz.com/how_much_of_a_cuck_are_you_1
<sloth> atticus: so this has been irc for the past hour http://i.imgur.com/f3LHW
<atticus> I'm beta a f
<atticus> I dont want to take it 3:
~<quinch> he attempted to hide his cuckdom
<wharrves> yeah, mr. trudeau voter sprinkles in a bunch of libertarian answers t
o throw the hounds off his trail
<wharrves> we got to the bottom of that real quick
<sloth> yeah some of us are actual nutbag libertarians
<wharrves> well not real quick. it was quite difficult
<atticus> I wonder f putting female automaticall ymakes it 100%
<ntnix> quinch: oh now you show up
~<quinch> ntnix irl rn http://i.imgur.com/PawY9WI.jpg
<sloth> wharrves: ntnix rn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0sI6eFarFE

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