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Mitchell School has made a commitment to

improve student learning through a partnership
with Ball State University. This partnership will
provide continuous professional growth and
development to all staff members, directly
resulting in quality instruction and enhanced
learning for students and staff.
As a professional development school,
Mitchell will provide the latest trends in
teaching techniques, including integration of
technology into the curriculum.
Smartboards and document cameras in

every classroom
8-Step Process

1. Data Disaggregation
2. Curriculum Timeline
3. Instructional Focus Assessment
5. Tutorials/Remediation
6. Enrichment
7. Maintenance
8. Monitor

Extra Curriculars

Student Diversity
244 Students
Average 21 students per classrooms

Co-ed Soccer and Flag Football

61% White

Girls Volleyball

15% Multiracial

Boys/Girls Basketball

15% Black

Boys/Girls Track

4% Asian
5% Hispanic

Kind Kids Club

Parent Involvement
Mitchell's partnership with parents provides an
environment that enables students to be confident,
successful, lifelong learners.

Study Skills Group

BSU Buddies
Kids Hope

I-Moms breakfast, 3 times a year

All-Pro-Dads breakfast, monthly
Family Nights

Office Staff:

Parent Volunteer Coordinator

Amber Smith
Principal: Jason Rees

Mrs. Miller: Secretary Mrs. Wilson: Nurse

Mrs. Anderson: Guidance Counselor

Yearly Events


Pizza Bingo
Spring Carnival
Fine Arts and Fitness

A school wide event mixing physical

activities in the morning with a student
lead talent show in the afternoon.
Grandparents Day

Dr. Steven Baule

Ermalene M. Faulkner
Chief Academic Officer
Deborah A. Williams
Chief Financial Officer
Kathy K. Ray
Director of Human Resources
Steve Brookbank
Chief Information Officer


Career Day
Science Fair
Young Authors

Michael M. Long
Debbie Feick
Bev Kelley
Robert A. Warrner
Kathy Carey

Vice President

The Board of School Trustees meets the second

and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at
the Anthony Administration Building.

At Mitchell Elementary, we believe that all things

positive stem from collaboration among students,
staff and parents. Providing a positive, caring,
loving and respectful environment will allow for
effective instruction. Through high expectations,
accountability and best practices, a quality
education will be provided that challenges students
to reach their potential.

Mitchell Elementary School

2809 W. Purdue Ave.
Muncie, IN 47304
FAX: 765-747-5365

Mitchell Mustangs