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Wright 1

Kira Wright
Mr. Hawkins
Modern World History P-3
April 8 2016
Inquiry Question #2
After six long, excruciating years, WWII is finally over. The way the Jews were treated was
horrible and against humanity. The Nazis had to pay a price considering not only what they did to the
Jews and, everyone else who didnt meet their Nazi expectations. Things such as Nazi human

experimentation was a series of controversial medical experiments on large numbers of

prisoners by the German Nazi regime in its concentration camps during World War II.
Prisoners were coerced into participating: they did not willingly volunteer and there was
never informed consent. Typically, the experiments resulted in death, disfigurement or
permanent disability. (WebMaster1) The Nazis did experiments on Twins, and prisoners from
the concentration camps. That included, Mustard Gas, Poisoning, and, freezing experiments.
There are many things that the Nazis did to get prosecuted but this is drastic. The central
leader of the experiments was Josef Mengele, who performed experiments on over 1,500
sets of imprisoned twins, of which fewer than 200 individuals survived the studies.
(WebMaster1) Imagine being someone who is just prosecuted for their beliefs, unfair and
unjust, especially for America. These actions were taken to be put on trial after the War. After
the war, some of those responsible for crimes committed during the Holocaust were
brought to trial. Nuremberg, Germany, was chosen as a site for trials that took place in

Wright 2

1945 and 1946. (WebMaster1) There were many put on trial then. Many had contributed to
Hitlers ideas of a perfect society. His definition of perfect is unbelievable and just not possible.
After the war, the Nazis (who were still left) were put on trial. That trial was the
Nuremberg trials. It consisted of 13 different trials proceeding in Nuremberg, Germany from
1945-1949. There was also a declaration called The Nuremberg Laws. The so-called
"Nuremberg Laws" a crucial step in Nazi racial laws that led to the marginalization of
German Jews and ultimately to their segregation, confinement, and exterminationwere
key pieces of evidence in the trials, which resulted in 12 death sentences and life or long
sentences for other Third Reich leaders. (Bradsher1) These laws were very important in
these trials. The Nazis made this declaration so that they could exclude the Germans from their
natural rights. Although the trials have begun, the Nazis are missing their most prominent leader.
The Nazis' highest authority, the person most to blame for the Holocaust, was missing at
the trials. Adolf Hitler had committed suicide in the final days of the war, as had several of
his closest aides. (Memorialmuseum1) Because of that there were many people who did not
get their own consequences for their actions. Some didnt even commit suicide; they didnt want
the consequences and still believed in Hitlers idea.

Many more criminals were never tried.

Some fled Germany to live abroad, including hundreds who came to the United States.
(Memorialmuseum1) With many of the Nazis not being tried, there were many who had to be
caught for those who fled.
The Judges in the trial werent just random people. They were Judges from around the
world to make sure there are perspectives from every point of view possible. The International
Military Tribunal (IMT) is composed of judges from the United States, Great Britain,

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France and the Soviet Union. (Bradsher1) In order to get a fair vote and get different
opinions, the way that they did it was needed. If just judges from Germany had been in the trials
it would have not been fair. The judges probably would have been followers to the group of
Nazis and Hitler. Some of the many pieces the Nazis were prosecuted from were describes as and
defined as violations of the internationally agreed upon rules for waging war; and (4)
crimes against humanitynamely, murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and
other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war;
or persecution on political, racial, or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with
any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of domestic
law of the country where perpetrated." (WebMaster1) The Jews were scared from this period
time after WWII. The things they were put through were just unimaginable and a lot of people
were unable to see the real damage and comprehend what actually happened to the Jews and
many others during that period of time, although not everyone got a huge sentence and time in
Jail. Other people who played key roles in the Holocaust, including high-level government
officials, and business executives who used concentration camp inmates as forced laborers
received short prison sentences or no penalty at all. (WebMaster1) It may have seemed like
it at the time that every German had a part to play in the holocaust. There were many who had
helped the Jews and others to get away from the Nazis and they were put on their own trials
before or used as witnesses.
Some of the things that were done to the Jews were also used in the Nuremberg trial.
There was a doctor whose name was Dr. Eduard Wirths. There was more to add then just crazy
experiments on healthy, innocent Jews. The human subject was a minor or not competent
for other reasons or if the subject had not given his or her unambiguous consent after a

Wright 4

proper explanation of the possible negative consequences of the intervention however,

this was not legally binding (WebMaster1) These humans were used in experiments because
the Nazis wanted to figure out things about normal people but the Nazis, these people are Jews.
Even in the Aftermath of the war this went on. Then, the Nuremberg code was made which,
The code calls for such standards as voluntary consent of patients, avoidance of
unnecessary pain and suffering, and that there must be a belief that the experimentation
will not end in death or disability (WebMaster1) Which of course, this so called code was
another lie from the Nazis. Some of the Jews were killed and starved for this experimentation.
But, in the end the doctor was steered into a different direction. These experiments were also
great evidence in the Nuremberg trials, ranging from human cruelty, to human death. The
experiments continued to go on after the war until later when it was discovered. There was also a
man named Adolf Eichmann. He helped carry out plans with the deportations of many of Jews
and he was brought to trial for serious actions. The testimony of hundreds of witnesses, many
of them survivors, was followed all over the world. Eichmann was found guilty and
executed in 1962 That was a big victory for many people just having him on trial and being
found guilty just made the feeling of safety and comfort ten times better.
In conclusion, the war was long and very hard to go through. Not just for the Jews but
anyone who was involved. In the end, the Nazis/people who needed to be put into jail or
sentenced to death were. The Post trials of the war mostly were the Nuremberg trials. The
Nuremberg trials had a lot of evidence to go off of because of the Americans taking pictures and
the survivors themselves. Many horrible things were done to the people of Germany and they
needed their justice, no matter what is was. From Doctors following Hitler, to the whole Nazi

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organization, it was never a pretty sight. Thankfully, the war ended finally and was brought to a
conclusion with the Nuremberg Trials and brought justice to many Germans around the world.