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Student Life

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

University of South Carolina

Find Your Fit

Unlock Your Future
February 1, 2014

February 1, 2014
Dear SLDC attendees:
Welcome to the 28th annual Student Leadership and Diversity Conference at the University of South
The Leadership and Service Center has teamed up with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs to
provide an outstanding learning experience that spans topics of both leadership and diversity. The staff
and student members of the planning committee have worked diligently with your experience in mind
to plan an educational, informative and fun day of educational sessions and events.
The core competencies stressed at this years conference include leadership development, foundations
and pillars for success, diversity education and social justice. We challenge you to be an active
participant throughout the day so that you can discover and further develop your skills in these areas.
Step outside of your comfort zone to create networking opportunities for yourself and others so that
when you return home, you can share the lessons of the day with your campus community.
We hope this years theme of Find Your Fit, Unlock Your Future will encourage you to discover
your fit both on campus and in your community and to utilize these experiences to create a strong
foundation for your future. Whether your future goals include gaining an understanding of yourself,
leading and serving in a diverse society or preparing for your life after college, participants will leave
SLDC 2014 with the potential to unlock their future goals.
We wish you a wonderful day of learning, and we thank you for participating in the Student
Leadership and Diversity Conference.
SLDC Planning Committee

Keynote Speakers
Brainstorming solutions and successfully implementing change to community issues have become strong
suits of Brian Bordainick. The New Orleans transplant and widely recognized serial entrepreneur has
not only raised $2 million in partnerships with the NFL and NIKE for the citys Ninth Ward Field of
Dreams, but hes also worked for the Mayor of New Orleans to transition more than 100 employees into
a public-private partnership and scoured the country, as the director of entrepreneurial investments at
4.0 Schools, to find people developing cutting-edge educational ideas to source new technology-based
learning strategies.

Brian Bordainick

His latest venture, Dinner Lab, is a membership-based social dining experiment that unites undiscovered
chefs with adventurous diners in unconventional locales. No meal, no location and no experience is ever
exactly the same, but the common thread is the experience of building a sense of community around a
dinner table. Dinner Lab has received substantial buzz and has expanded to Nashville, New York City and
Los Angeles. In the midst of closing a $1.5 million round of funding, the team announced the opening of
a New York City restaurant that will cycle their top-rated chefs and one-of-a-kind menus.
Brian has been featured on Anderson Cooper 360, ESPN, The Today Show, CBS News and has spoken at
TEDxGoldenGateED, The Feast Social Innovation Conference and various universities throughout the
country. He recently listed as one of the 30 Under 30: Education list for Forbes.

Gain seven leadership lessons from a world traveler who learned how to be a leader as she traveled to
all 50 states, 77 countries and all 7 continents. Participants will hear her advice on how to become
a successful leader as you follow your dreams, challenge yourself, meet new people, try new things,
overcome challenges and obstacles, have fun and celebrate your successes. Julie Beckshares her world
travel adventures in hopes of inspiring youtoFind Your Fit, Unlock Your Future and have the life that
you have always dreamed of living.

Julie Beck

Julie Beck currently serves as the interim president of the Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce in
Mount Olive, N.C., and the study abroad instructor at North Carolina State University.She has served
as director of student activities for 22 years at Mount Olive College and has been a leadership facilitator/
speaker for the past 15 years.She also works as a People to People International Tour Leader.She has
been a lifelong educator, serving as an English teacher at Goldsboro High School, GED instructor at
Wayne Community College and recreation/study abroad instructor at Mount Olive College.In her
community, she also has served as the chairperson of the North Carolina Pickle Festival for 20 years,
general coordinator of Kids World Playground Project, board member for the Mount Olive Chamber of
Commerce for 12 years, and is a five-year volunteer for NC State Wolfpack football games.

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

Conference Presentations
and Abstracts

Session 1
10:50 11:45 a.m.
Implementing Your Own Ideas (FP)
Russell House Theater
Brian Bordainick
By the end of this session, participants will have a deep knowledge
of the difficulties of getting an idea out into the world and
implemented. Brian Bordainick will discuss his entrepreneurial
journey through the lens of failure and enduring amidst formidable
odds. Students will gain insight from getting an under-the-hood
look at what it really takes and have tangible strategies to implement
their own ideas in communities.
Beyond Revenue and Expenses: Creative
Budgeting (FP)
SEC Room (Room 201)
Anna Edwards, University of South Carolina
Ryan Harman, University of South Carolina
This session will give student organizations leaders the opportunity
to start thinking creatively about their organizations budget.
Learn to do the most with the money that you collect! As student
organization leaders, you will have the opportunity to gain skills
and learn about resources that can be extremely helpful in planning
your organizations budget, events and programs.
Born This Way: LGBTQ Student Leadership (DE)
Room 203
Kelsey Jarrett, University of South Carolina
Shay Malone, University of South Carolina
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) students
are born this way, but are they born leaders? This session will
begin to discuss the intersection between everyday leadership and
supporting LGBTQ students on campus. Due to the growing
diversity of the student population, it is important to understand
how to best support LGBTQ students in any leadership capacity

*Sessions are coded by the four

core competencies of the conference:

Foundations & Pillars for Success

Leadership Development
Diversity Education
Social Justice

that they are in. Participants will be challenged to discuss the

unique experiences of LGBTQ students, promote awareness in the
community and enrich the lives of others through ones own model
of everyday and inclusive leadership.
Opportunity Knocks: Using Conflict in
Teambuilding and Planning (FP)
Room 205
Katie Miller, University of South Carolina
Ashley Jaramillo, University of South Carolina
Sandra Greene, AmeriCorps VISTA
Planning events and programs can be fun, but working with
diverse personalities in the process often presents an unwelcome
set of challenges. In this session, participants will explore the
positive aspects of working through conflict to build the team and
experience productive planning. By identifying the conflict from
the onset and having the right approach, groups will be able to
move forward and leave a legacy not only for quality programming
but also a quality programming process. Participants will gain tools
that can be used to work effectively with peers through conflict and
promote an ideal leadership experience.
Advisors Roundtable (FP)
Witten Room (Room 301)
Jerry Brewer, University of South Carolina
Advisors are invited to join USCs associate vice president for
student affairs and academic support in a roundtable discussion
about hot topics and trends affecting student leaders.

Social Change: Leadership Through

Awareness (SJ)
Room 302
James Winfield, University of South Carolina
Rachel Brunson, University of South Carolina
Challenges to leadership often occur during trying times and when
making tough decisions. With the many challenges facing modern
society, how do we abide by the Carolinian Creed and promote the
dignity of all persons? By having an awareness of self, group and
community, leaders can engage peers and promote positive change.
Join us as we facilitate the practical use of the social change model
to encourage congruence into action.
Teaming Up: Motivation and Delegation (LD)
Room 303
Kasey McClure, Bob Jones University
Organizational leaders are consistently confronted with the need
to motivate their followers to accomplish goals and delegate the
right tasks to the right individuals. This session will explore simple
principles and concepts that every leader should apply while
practicing the art of motivation and delegation.
Finding Your Foundation: Whats Your Type? (LD)
Room 304
Christopher Presley, University of South Carolina
Samantha Daughtry, University of South Carolina
This session will help leaders determine their leadership style and
the type of personalities with which they work best. Participants
also will learn how to work through difficult situations, and through
that, they will learn their strengths and weaknesses.
How to Utilize a Theme for an Event (FP)
Room 305
Julie Beck, North Carolina State University
Are you in charge of an event that has or needs a theme? How do
you carry this theme throughout the entire event? Learn from this
20-year veteran organizer of the North Carolina Pickle Festivalwho
usesa simple theme: pickles. How cana pickle themebe used over
and over again for a variety of events, food and marketing. Learn
aboutthesuccesses and the failures thatyoucan incorporate into
your own event. Enjoy DILLiscous Mount Olive Pickles and
RELISH the time you will spend in thisworkshop.

Leadership in 3-D (LD)

ODK Room (Room 315)
Kirk Randazzo, University of South Carolina
This session offers a variety of hands-on situations and everyday
examples to demonstrate how any individual can become a more
effective leader. Often most individuals feel a bit overwhelmed
when thinking about leadership because our basic conceptions
typically visualize leaders in grand scenarios. In contrast, this
session demonstrates that individuals can become better leaders
and positively affect their corner of the world by focusing on
three simple goals. We will discuss specific skills and strategies to
maximize everyones leadership potential.
Watch Me, Tweet Me, If You Wanna Reach Me:
Perceptions of Diversity in Social Media (DE)
Senate Chambers (Room 322)
Nathalie Turenne, University of South Carolina
Christine Canyon, University of South Carolina
Cameron Burroughs, University of South Carolina
This session will highlight the ways that diversity is presented
via social media outlets. Student affairs and higher education
professionals are encountering an increased wave of students who
rely heavily on social media as their method of sharing and receiving
information. While institutions do much to provide opportunities
for cultural growth both in and outside of the classroom, educators
also should look to these virtual communities and networks as a
means of addressing topics related to diversity education.

Learn more about the

presenters by reading their
biographies on our website at

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

Conference Presentations
and Abstracts

Session 2

11:55 a.m. 12:50 p.m.

Event Planning (FP)
Russell House Theater
Eric Bouchard, University of South Carolina
Taylor Bush, University of South Carolina
Samantha Wheatley, University of South Carolina
Does your student organization plan events? Ever wonder what it
takes to bring these events to the next level? Carolina Productions,
USCs student-led programming board, plans and implements
hundreds of events each semester. Come learn the 10 basic steps to
make your next event run successfully and smoothly!
The Power of the Human Network (FP)
SEC Room (Room 201)
Tricia Kennedy, University of South Carolina
Jen Hodshon, University of South Carolina
This session will demonstrate the importance of a leader truly
knowing the members of your community and network beyond
surface level to fully engage them in a mission. Participants will
leave with a better understanding of the importance of building
ones human network, skills needed to do so and the impact these
skills could have. Presenters will demonstrate the importance of
capitalizing on the person power of a network, while allowing
participants the chance to practice the skills needed to maximize
their ability to empower others.
Pitch Not So Perfect: A Mens and
Womens Issue (DE)
Room 203
Daniel Colascione, University of South Carolina
Megan Denny, University of South Carolina
Whether you have seen the movie or not, we live in a world where
our society isnt so Pitch Perfect. Society defines how men and
women should act, look and even who they should love. You may

*Sessions are coded by the four

core competencies of the conference:

Foundations & Pillars for Success

Leadership Development
Diversity Education
Social Justice

be saying Aca-Scuse me? But you should totally, Aca-Believe

it! This session will explore some of the many issues facing gender
equality through scenes from the hit movie. Be ready to unlock
and let go of some of the many expectations our society has for us.
All Barden Bellas and Treblemakers are welcome to join this AcaAwesome presentation!
The Positives (LD)
Room 205
Dave Foster, University of South Carolina
Maintaining a healthy mindset is key to being a successful student
and leader. This session will discuss ways to manage stress, maintain
a positive attitude and stay happy. Topics such as where happiness
comes from, pitfalls of perceived happiness and personal value
alignment will be covered. This session will allow students to
identify important aspects of their happiness and how to cultivate
happiness in everyday life.
Leadership for Life: How to Showcase Your
Leadership Experience to Potential
Employers (FP)
Room 302
Tara Rabinowitz, University of South Carolina
Erica Elbery, University of South Carolina
You spent a whole bunch of time in college leading organizations
and working on campus but now what? Learn how to translate
those experiences into real-world experience, giving YOU a leg up
as you search for internships and full-time positions. In this handson session, participants will learn the top skills that employers are
looking for and how to relate these skills back to their own collegiate
leadership experience on their resume and in the interview.

Justification, Judgment and Justice in a Pluralistic

World (DE)
Room 303
Susan Fernandez, University of South Carolina Upstate
The Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials now are serving
as leaders of our Pluralist students. This session will address how
justification of beliefs and actions, judgments of others and justice
(or injustice) is reflected through past experiences and present
dreams. Through storiesour stories (and the worlds stories)
we can help future generations experience and understand the vast
changes within our society and the inevitability of sustained, future
changes in the iGeneration era.
How to Buzz through a Presentation (FP)
Room 304
Kate Kennedy, University of South Carolina
Cait Shannon, University of South Carolina
Gavin Weiser, University of South Carolina
Using Buzzfeed as an outline, learn how to effectively give a
presentation. Through community discussions and all the wins
of the Internet, this session will be one not easily forgotten. In
a workshop-style presentation, participants will help create the
ultimate Buzzfeed-style community post.
Charity vs. Social Justice (SJ)
Room 305
Martha Scott Johnson, University of South Carolina
Beth Brink, University of South Carolina
Volunteers often reflect that they enjoy serving because they feel like
theyre making a difference. But do these acts of charity really bring
about sustainable, positive change? In this session, participants will
learn the difference between acts of charity and acts of social justice
and examine how to turn their community-service activities into
impactful actions of social change.

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Introspective, Intentional, Impactful: The

Unrecognized Potential of Introverts (LD)
ODK Room (Room 315)
Katie Hambrick, University of South Carolina
Mackenzie Baker, University of South Carolina
In the collegiate world, introverts can be seen as shy, quiet,
unmotivated and incapable of being successful in a leadership role.
This session will help participants better understand introversion
and how introverts can use their strengths to be an asset to the
group. Whether you are an introvert yourself or a leader who is
looking to serve a wide variety of personality types, this session will
focus on support strategies and skill development to help introverts
survive in a world designed for extroverts.
The Kony Effect: Mobilizing the Millennial (SJ)
Senate Chambers (Room 322)
Adia Cuthbertson, North Carolina Wesleyan College
In 2012, a video went viral with millions of views. It was the perfect
medium to grab the attention of the Millennial generation. Those
viewers were moved to share, like and follow a very important
message. In this session, participants will explore ways that we can
capitalize on the use of social media to move Millennials out of their
seats and into action and meaningful work in their communities.
Membership Retention (LD)
Room 348
Allison Toney, University of South Carolina
Student organization leaders often struggle with keeping members
motivated and engaged in the organization or group. According
to TJ Sullivan, author of Motivating the Middle, organizations
are divided up into thirds the top, the middle and the bottom.
The top third are already engaged. The bottom third requires a lot
of attention and often gives very little to the organization. The
middle third is where organizations could benefit in spending time
motivating and engaging future leaders of the group. In order for
organizations to operate at the full extent of what they are capable
of, it takes all members at whatever level they are willing and able
to engage. This session will give participants five key strategies for
keeping members motivated and engaged in organizations and
groups, in addition to considering their own involvement level.

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

Conference Presentations
and Abstracts

Session 3
2:25 3:20 p.m.

Keeper of the Keys: Tools to Unlock Your Groups

Potential (DE)
Russell House Theater
Melissia Brannen, Columbia College
Caroline Carter, Columbia College
Access your groups potential and frame your own leadership skills
with these interactive activities. This sessions presenters will lead
participants through icebreakers and team builders designed to
break the ice, get to know, discover the diversity within the often
homogenous groups and develop future leaders for organization
sustainability. A facilitation guide also will be provided for activity
replication. This session is appropriate for new leaders or leaders of
new groups who need assistance building group norms. Seasoned
leaders looking for ways to help new officers and members find
their fit in a changing organization also may find this presentation
Great Expectations: Leading with Purpose (LD)
SEC Room (Room 201)
Theresa Harrison, University of South Carolina
Dottie Weigel, University of South Carolina
In a society that emphasizes how much we do and not why we
do it, ask yourself, am I driven by my involvement in numerous
activities or am I focused on my purpose and passion? Having a
clear purpose to focus our efforts is vital. Students are constantly
bombarded by an endless amount of possibilities, which can
result in stress and ultimately inaction. This session will explore
characteristics of successful leaders from all walks of life and
demonstrate how individual achievement can work towards the
greater good.

*Sessions are coded by the four

core competencies of the conference:

Foundations & Pillars for Success

Leadership Development
Diversity Education
Social Justice

Miley Cyrus vs. Sheryl Sandberg: Defining

Womens Leadership (DE)
Room 203
Jillian Sitjar, University of South Carolina
Carly Strohbach, University of South Carolina
Ashley Byrd-White, University of South Carolina
When you think of female leaders, who comes to mind? Miley
Cyrus, Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg? The women leaders of
today present a variety of leadership qualities, often straying away
from the traditional gender roles. Regardless, as women, these
leaders still are criticized based on their appearances and social
lives, not on their beliefs or characteristics. This session takes a close
examination into todays culture of what it means to be a woman,
and more importantly, what it means to be a leader and how to
become one.
Sparking the Conversation: Tips and Tactics for
Networking (FP)
Room 205
Corrine Hawes, University of South Carolina
Dont talk to strangers has been a golden rule for most children
growing up, but as people grow older, there is an emphasis on
talking to strangers through networking. How does one engage in
the art of networking? In this session, participants will learn the
many purposes of networking, tips and tricks on how to network
and advice on putting networking methods to use.
Shes Just Being Miley: Leading with Ethics &
Integrity (LD)
Room 302
Tricia Kennedy, University of South Carolina
As leaders and role models, we often find ourselves in the position
to make decisions that impact the lives of otherseither directly

or indirectly. Not to mention, were in positions where everyone

has an opinion about those decisions. This session will explore the
diverse dimensions of ethical decision-making and how we utilize
those dimensions to lead with integrity.

Leading with Civility (LD)

ODK Room (Room 315)
Erin Kitchell, University of South Carolina
Samuel Tang, University of South Carolina

Ring in the New Year the SMART Way! (FP)

Room 303
Erica Elbery, University of South Carolina

Leaders deal with conflict. That is the unfortunate yet persistent

reality of the world. As a leader, resolving conflict is one of the
most crucial yet overlooked skill sets. Modern society is faced
with examples of conflict halting a leaders progress. From the
government shutdown to the governor in the Walking Dead,
society is shown examples of leaders who crack under conflict. This
session will help emerging and experienced leaders navigate the
hurdles that come with an organization in conflict. We will discuss
conflict resolution strategies, membership accountability, and how
to ground these approaches in your leadership philosophy.

A new year has just begun, so what better time to focus on planning
for the future?As part of that planning, it is important to set and
achieve SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and
timely goals)both short-term and long-termand thus be better
prepared for life after graduation or maybe even just for life this
semester.This session will give participants the opportunity to learn
more about SMART goals, identify strategies for staying motivated
in achieving goals and apply SMART goals to their career planning.
A Roadmap to Successfully Transitioning Your
Student Organization (FP)
Room 304
Katie Hambrick, University of South Carolina
Amanda Millen, University of South Carolina
One of the most difficult things about a student organization is
the transfer of leadership from year to year. Are you afraid the
organizations goals and purposes might get lost in translation? This
session will guide you in how to have a successful transition in your
student organization so that next years leaders can build on the
knowledge gained rather than starting over. By utilizing a thorough
leadership transition plan, you can leave your legacy to make sure
your organization is equipped to accomplish its goals with new
February 1st: Activism on College Campuses (SJ)
Room 305
Gavin Weiser, University of South Carolina
Shay Malone, University of South Carolina
Can the world be changed in one day? February 1st, 1960 (54 years
ago today), proved that yes it can. Learn about the one volatile
winter in Greensboro, N.C., that not only challenged customs and
laws but also how those actions serve as a blueprint for modern-day
activism on college campuses.

Culture Jam: Effectively Communicating in a

Diverse Society (DE)
Senate Chambers (Room 322)
Frauke Becker, University of South Carolina
Binda Niati, University of South Carolina
Every day, intercultural and diversity experiences can pose
interpersonal challenges when languages, world views and values
clash. With a more interconnected world, there is a need to
create effective methods of communication. This session will
help students enhance their understanding of multiple cultures, a
deeper appreciation of cultural values and the ability to effectively
Running Effective Meetings (FP)
Room 348
Kim McMahon, University of South Carolina
Have you ever attended a meeting that seemed pointless?Or lasted
forever? Are you nervous about facilitating meetings for your
student organization? Come to this session to learn valuable tips
for planning and facilitating meetings so your attendees not only
feel part of the group but also participate in the discussion and sign
up for activities sponsored by your organization.Well discuss the
various reasons that groups host meetings, preparing the agenda to
fit your needs and strategies for making your meetings valuable and

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

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SLDC planning committee

Coleman Carlisle, Leadership Coach, Leadership & Service Center

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Erica Elbery, Career Development Coach, Career Center
Corrine Hawes, Leadership Coach, Leadership & Service Center
Jessa Knust, Graduate Assistant, Leadership & Service Center
Amanda Millen, Student Committee Member
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