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Loredana Da Silva

Australian Citizen
25 Francis Oaks Way, West Pennant Hills, NSW 2125
Email: loredanaclaredasilva@gmail.com
Phone: 0452075252

Current Employment
Anouconcept (September 2014 current)
Events and Publicity Assistant

Donut King (June 2011 to December 2012)
Sales person
My role included:
o Barrister:- Coffee Making;
o Preparing doughnuts, milkshakes and hotdogs;
o Cash Management;
o Management of store during Managers absence.
Event Cinemas (Standby)
I work evenings as an Event Coordination Assistant for advanced
screenings and premiers of upcoming films.
Barista Licence (14/02/2015)
Levels one and two
During this course I was instructed on the correct way to make
coffee as well as how to do simple coffee art.

Leadership Roles
During my High School Career I undertook several Leadership roles:
School Prefect at The McDonald College 2014 (HSC year)
As part of the Prefect Body, we organised fundraisers,
performances, concerts, speeches and formal occasions as the
school required. Each Prefect was assigned specific tasks with
for which I was responsible for Uniforms and Money
I also acted as a guide and role model for my fellow students
and upheld school rules and procedures.

Student Representative Council at The McDonald College - 2013 and

2014 (HSC year)

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I was responsible for representing the needs of my fellow

students in all aspects of their school life. The McDonald
College has a boarding facility and many students would rather
talk to a peer than directly with faculty.

Peer Support Leader at The McDonald College 2012 and 2013

I was responsible for the integration and guidance of specific
new and younger students to the College, providing peer
support and general orientation. I was also responsible for
guiding my fellow students through their transition from primary
school into high school.

Door knocking
I occasionally take part in the Red Shield Appeal for the Salvation
Army to raise money for the less fortunate.

McDonald College
Graduated from The McDonald College of Preforming Arts in 2014


Very dependable and punctual

Friendly and loyal
Good at listening to instructions
A very quick learner
Organized and reliable
Helpful and generous
Hardworking and a team player
Experience with people and people skills
Experience with making and handling food/drinks
Experience with cleaning and looking after food equipment


Delores Dunbar
The McDonald College Teacher
Reference Letter Attached
Susan Edge-Bennett
Close Family Friend
Contact details can be provided on request.

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