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Philosophy of Nursing

NURS 300- Introduction to Theories and Concepts I

NURS 431- Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to enable the student to rediscover his or her personal
philosophy of nursing as it exists upon the completion of the baccalaureate nursing program.
Student Approach to Assignment
This assignment allowed me to reflect back on who I was as a sophomore entering the
nursing program and see how I have progressed into the soon-to-be graduate student I am today.
It also allowed me to analyze my personal morals, values and beliefs and consider how I use
them in my professional practice as a nurse. I used nursing theorists to help guide me on how
these principles can be utilized in my care.
Reason for Inclusion of this Assignment in the Portfolio
This assignment is special because it truly illustrates the qualities I exhibit and the type of
care I strive to give. It is a direct reflection of who I am as a soon-to-be nurse. Finally, this paper
displays the growth I have made from a student entering into the nursing program through
Critical Thinking
Uses nursing and other appropriate theories and models to guide professional practice.
Example: In this assignment I was able to use different theories to support my
assumptions relative to nursing relationships with clients in culturally diverse
settings, the community, and other healthcare professionals. I used Leiningers
Culture Care Diversity and University Theory to support my belief that cultural
beliefs can greatly impact nursing care. This is why the nurse must analyze the
clients cultural values and beliefs prior to providing care. I used Betty Neumans
Systems Model to support my opinion that nurses must assess the needs of different
communities in order to provide care or teaching that will be effective to that specific
population. Finally, I used The University of British Columbia Model for Nursing to
support my idea that nurses must collaborate the care of their patients through
communication with the other health care disciplines. Each person has knowledge to
give regarding the status of the patients health and together they can create a goaloriented and appropriate plan of care.

Articulates the values of the profession and the role of the nurse as member of the
interdisciplinary health care team.
Example: In this paper I utilized provision one from the code of ethics of the
American Nurses Association to help support my idea that nursing is a professional,
constantly growing profession in which combined efforts from multiple disciplines
are used to provide holistic care to patients and their families. I also discussed that
one purpose of the nurse is to communicate the needs of the patient to other
healthcare professionals and stressed the importance of inter-professional
Applies an ethical decision-making framework and legal guidelines to clinical situations
that incorporate moral concepts, professional ethics, and advocacy for patient well-being
and preferences.
Example: In the paper, I described the two major principles that guide my nursing
practice as respect of my patients autonomy and justice. Advocating for patient
well-being is exemplified through justice and respect for autonomy. These
principles ensure you treat all patients equally and respect their ability to
determine their own health needs and treatments. I utilized these principles into
my care with a patient in a rehabilitation facility wanting to take her own natural
supplements and providing dental goods for the entire aggregate I have been
teaching in community health.
Integrates knowledge of cultural diversity in performing nursing interventions.
Example: In the revised paper, I discussed my assumption about the nurse- client
relationship in a culturally diverse setting. I placed emphasis on the importance of a
nurses ability to analyze his/her own beliefs. This will help him/her recognize and
respect cultural beliefs of other individuals different than theirs. I also explained that
by incorporating the patients cultural beliefs, a nurse can help speed the recovery
process because this will be comforting to the patient.