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HIDDEN COLORS 1: The Takeaway

Building Better Men & the Friends of Cecil B. Moore Library

Table of Contents
1. The Intro
2. Hidden colors of Africa
3. Hidden Colors of Asia
4. Hidden Colors of Religion
5. Hidden Colors of Europe
6. The Moors
7. Hidden Colors of Pre-Columbian America
8. Hidden Colors of the Early United States
9. Why the Colors Were Hidden
10. Solutions

Some Highlights
Original names for Africa include Alkebulan (Arabic, The land of the Blacks) and Kush (2)
The lie that Egyptologist perpetuate (2)
The African presence in Asia (3)
The Martial Arts established in Africa by Bodhidharma (3)
The African connection to the origin and development of Christianity (4)
What has Europa and the Phoenicians to do with naming Europe (5)
The African blood line runs deep through Europe - Septimius Severus, Alexander Pushkin, Angelo Soliman, Beethoven (5)
The Moors: who they are and how they contributed to civilizing Europe and the development of masonry (6)
The evidence that Africans arrived in the Americas well before Christopher Columbus and assisted in his discovery (7)
The founding of America and Moorish science (8)
Free people of color in early U.S. history (8)
Why slavery really ended: rebellions, southern secession, and negative effect on northern capitalism (8)
The start of unions (8)
The origins of the Statue of Liberty (8)
White Supremacy / Racism: a definition (9)
Gov. George Wallace: the unification of poor whites and poor blacks (9)
Divide and conquer: the black family, the black man (9)
The truth about I.Q. (9)

1. We have to define ourselves: allowing others to tell our story subjects us to strategic mis-education.
2. We must understand our potential and the greatness from which we come: know thyself, know our
history, study chemistry, physics, and math, know how to read and write.
3. Agree and on which behaviors are in the best interest of the race and those that arent.
4. Build trust with each other.
5. The black man and woman must get along.
6. Always seek independence. We must control our own communities and destiny: Independent schools,
airlines, shipping, businesses, etc.
7. Study to understand what we are dealing with when it comes to white supremacy as a total system
dynamic and stop behaving in a way that allows white supremacy to exist.
8. Develop Think Tanks to create proactive strategies so that we are not left to being just reactive.

Paul Robeson

HIDDEN COLORS 1: Questions for Discussion

Tariq Nasheed
Shahrazad Ali
Dr. Phil Valentine
Dr. Booker T. Coleman, Jr. (Kaba Hiawatha Kamene)

Umar Johnson
Sabir Bey
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Chpt 2
o What is the lie that Egyptologists perpetuate?
o What are the original names for Africa?
Chpt 3
o What was the development of martial arts?
Chpt 4
o What is the African connection to the origin of Christianity?
Chpt 5
o The African bloodline runs real deep throughout Europe How is this so?
Chpt 6
o Who are the Moors and what is their impact on Europe?
Chpt 7
o When did the first Africans arrive in America?
Chpt 8
o Why did slavery really end?
o How did the Statute of Liberty come about?
Chpt 9
o What is racism per Dr. Frances Cress Welsing?
o What did Gov. George Wallace come to understand?
o What is the truth about I.Q.?

A lot of black folks dont really understand racism, and if you dont understand something, youre not
going to be able to effectively deal with it and counter it - Tariq Nasheed

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