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Worksheet: Seth brings Jon Snow to a dinner party.

Before watching the video, answer the following questions honestly.

Do you like sitcoms ? Why? Which ones ?

Do you know what is Game of Thrones? What do you know about it?
What are your expectations of the video according to the title?
Would you like to watch the whole sitcom ? Why?

1. Infer the meaning of the following words based on the context used in the

Small talk:

2. Match

2:12 The wall

4:35 You know
3:11 Reminds me of
1:12 I never knew
my mother
REVIEW : Each person have to choose a character
2:55 Keeps me in
shape to

First love Ygritte

To defend the seven
What was that Jon?
Stabbed to death on his own
Im a bastard

Jon Snow
1:58 My brother
of a well-known sitcom or book. You will have 1 minute to select the character.
After that, we will do an activity I would like to call Smalltalk. So for example, one
person will come out to the board, he/she wont say his/her name, and after that
the other characters will ask him/her things about his life: Do you have any
siblings? Where do you live?. I mean, the Smalltalk showed in the video. Remember

to use expressions of the character, to act with all you got. Each person will be
asked in the board for one minute, based on the answers given by each character,
you will have to guess who they are. Have fun, enjoy the activity!