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Learning Plan

Name: Natasha English

Date: November 16, 2015

Area that requires development: Assessments

Learning goal #1: Become more proficient at incorporating head to toe assessments in my daily

Strategies and Resources to be utilized:
- Review and practice assessment checklists on my own
- Go through assessment checklists to evaluate what areas I do well and what areas I
need to work on
- Practice on my friends and family
- Put small notes about assessments at the front of the notebook I bring to clinical

Evaluation Criteria:
- I will be able to demonstrate a head to toe assessment with no

Time Line:
- Review checklists for 2 hours a week prior to beginning the pre-graduate experience in
January, 2016
- Practice on friends and family over the winter break (December 20th-January 8th, 2016)
- Be able to confidently do head to toe assessments with no notes/reminders by the
beginning of the fifth week of semester 4 (February 8th, 2016)

Area that requires development: Time Management

Learning goal #2: Become better at managing my time during patient care

Strategies and Resources to be utilized:
- Self reflect on the areas where I have the most difficulty on managing time
- Consult with my peers on their strategies for organizing their time throughout their
clinical day
- Bring a one page timetable to the clinical setting
- Take 15 minutes after getting my patient assignment to create a loose timeline of my
day; keep notes on where the timetable went wrong

Evaluation Criteria:
- I will be able to create and maintain a daily schedule for my patients
- I will be able to take all breaks

- I will be able to document throughout the day after interactions with patients instead of
documenting only twice a day

Time Line:
- Complete self reflection and notes by end of December, 2015
- Complete daily self reflection
- By the end of week four (February 5th, 2015) I should be able to manage my time and
accomplish all tasks around the times I set out in my timetable

Area that requires development: theoretical and practical knowledge on nursing practices

Learning goal #3: To do less research during my clinical day, ask less questions, and be able to
apply more theoretical knowledge when presented with new skills, tasks, diagnoses, and

Strategies and Resources to be utilized:
- Reviewing class notes
- Reviewing the textbook on unfamiliar but common procedures/diseases
- Utilizing the open lab to practice with lab kits
- Create drug cards to carry with me to clinical with common medications
- Watch videos on common procedures
- Review experiences with peers who have encountered different patient care

Evaluation Criteria:
- When presented with patients whom I have not encountered - feel comfortable and
confident in knowing more about them without having to research
- Feel comfortable in performing common procedures (i.e. catheterization) even if I have
not yet done it

Time Line:
- Review information/videos for several hours each week until the end of semester 4
- Complete drug cards by January 11th, 2016
- Feel for comfortable with theoretical knowledge half way through the pre-graduate
experience (End of February, 2016)