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Some terms and definitions of yarn manufacturing

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Filament | Filament yarn | Mono and Multi filament | Micro fibre

| Ultra and super ultra-fine fibre
Some terms and definitions of yarn manufacturing:
Filament: Man-made fibre of very great length, e.g, several km.
Filament yarn: Man-made fibre comprising one or more filament.
Mono filament yarn: Filament yarn consisting of one filament with a thickness up-to .1mm.
Multi filament yarn: Filament yarn comprising many filaments up to 30000 tex.
Micro-fibre: The textile committee, Germany defines a micro-fibre as a fibre finer than 1.2 dtex
for polyester and finer than 1.0 dtex for polyamide.
Ultra fine fibre: An ultrafine fibre is specified as a fibre of less than 0.5 d (denier)
Super ultra-fine fibre: A fibre of less than 0.1 d is referred to as a super ultra-fine fibre.
- See more at: http://textileapex.blogspot.com/2013/11/yarndefinitions.html#sthash.TIinq6u5.dpuf