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Mia Maher

A.) Theme: Trusting in God
B.) Reading: Psalm 27:1 (NABRE) The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom should I
fear? The Lord is my lifes refuge; of whom should I be afraid?
C.) Reflection:
God our Father is always with us. He is there to guide us, even in hard times. As
Christians, we should never fear anyone or anything, for we know that God will forever
be there to protect us. The Lord wants us to come to Him with our problems. There is no
one on Earth who is able to help us in the way that God can.
God always wants what is best for us. He strives to keep us safe and happy, while
always doing His best to lead us in the right direction. If we follow Him, we are sure to
become the best people we can be.
D.) Prayer of Help and Trust:
LordHelp me to become the best person I can be.
Help me to walk the way of faith as I follow You.
Help me to trust in You with all my needs.
Help me to care for others in the way You care for me.
Help me to trust in You in all things.
Help me to spread Your good news in my words and in my actions.
I ask of this through You, Lord,