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City of Thornton Animal Control


Arihadne Arroyo


October 6, 2015

Subject: A proposal for a system to help animal abuse.

Before the 18th Century, the abuse of animals used to be so widely accepted that there were
not any laws or reinforcement to control it. Since the beginning of the 20th Century, animals have
been seen and valued for more then just a creature.(BBC Animal Rights) Therefore laws and acts
have been passed to protect and ensure the safety of these animals. This memorandum is being
written to propose a system to secure safety and rights of both domesticated and undomesticated
animals. This type of change will decrease and hopefully get rid of animal abuse in our
community; and in the near future, the world.

This problem will be addressed on a local scale and increase to a global scale overtime. Animal
abuse can not be prevented unless we start with a smaller community that can be controlled.
Domestic violence and animal abuse have a strong connection. Studies have been conducted that
prove most cases of animal abuse is connected to drug abuse, violence and
other criminal records.(Why Does Cruelty Exist)In one study, 70% of animal abusers also had
records for other crimes.(American Human Association) Animal abuse is problematic because it
hurts and traumatizes our beloved animal companions.

It is our job as humans to stop this problem from occurring any longer. It can help be prevented
by starting on a local scale. Ideally, our community and eventually our country will be free of
animal abuse. It is vital that actions and steps be made to solve this problem. Actions must
be made if society wants to keep peace between the people: animals abusers and animal
lovers. This will provide animals and animal lovers with peace of mind and a happy way of
life. This important because this Earth would not function as it does without animals.
A system is proposed to ensure the animals needs are being met. This system consists of animal
owners going through an inspection every month to ensure the safety and well being of the

The city governor and city officials must come together to create the inspections process.

The inspection must ensure that the animal has a source of food, water and shelter while being in
a safe environment.

These officials must also create the norm to justify these inspections and create a design

for a record keeping facility. The facility will store all the records and inspectors
will compose statistics off the data being given.
The data will give the answer to weather the system is working or if there needs to be some
revision. If these actions steps fall short of the goal, then these officials must reunite to go over
and revise the steps to morph the system into a more efficient one that meets the
goal. We will know if the goal is met if the statistics show that there are a significant low amount
of modifications addressed at the monthly inspections.
The goal of this system is to ensure that every animal is safe and secure in its home. The
benefit is that the animal abuse in the community will have a dramatic decrease, which will
indicate that the system has been successful. This recommendation allows a piece of mind to
both animal owners as well as animal lovers.

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