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Looking to brush up on your interviewing skills?

Schedule a Practice Interview with ASK

A practive interview with an Alumni Sharing
Knowledge mentor provides you with:
-proper interview etiquette and other tricks from alumni,
volunteers and professionals
-immediate feedback about your resume, interview skills
and general presentation
-tips on how to improve
Schedule a practice interview by logging into
depaul.experience.com and clicking on the “Practice
Interviews with ASK Alumni” link

Attend an Interviewing Workshop

Interviewing Skills Advanced
Interviewing Skills
Learn how to prepare for Refresh your interviewing
the interview and skills and learn how to
post-interview follow-up prepare for advanced
process. You will be interviewing techniques
introduced to the various including critical behavioral,
types of interviews, including panel and case interviews.
behavioral interviewing. Review the do’s and dont’s
for interviewing situations.
Register for these workshops and others at

Practice Online with InterviewStream

InterviewStream is a free online interview
preparation tool that allows you to:
-Simulate a live interview using your computer
and a webcam
-Pick questions for a video interviewer to ask you
-Replay your responses to evaluate your
-Email your responses to others for review
Try it for free at depaul.interviewstream.com