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Home work Assignment Typhoid Mary.
Mary Mallon was born in Ireland in 1869 and immigrated to the United States in the
year 1883.She was a hard working person, seemed to be in good health and had a
culinary talent. Between the years 1900 to 1907 she worked as a cook serving eight
families in the New York area. Most members of these families within two weeks of
her working and cooking food for them developed Typhoid fever and diarrhea.
One of these families hired a typhoid researcher names George Soper to
investigate. Soper found out that seven families where Mary had worked had
contracted typhoid fever. Soper tried many times to contact Mary , however she
refused to meet him and even answer his questions.. The Health department of New
York city appointed Sara Josephine Baker to talk to Mary. A few days later Baker
along with a few police persons met up with Mary and arrested her. The health
inspectors determined Mary to be a carrier of the bacteria and under section 1169
and 1170 of the city charter had Mary quarantined from 1907 - 10. The Doctors
found a significant nidus of typhoid bacteria in her gall bladder. After the test and
confirmed that Mary was positively infected with typhoid salmonella.
After three years on February 10th, 1910 Mary agreed to change her occupation if
she was released and take all necessary hygienic precaution so as to reduce
infecting persons she came into contact with. Mary changed her name to Mary
Brown and went back to cooking for people and families who required her services.
During the next five years she worked in numerous kitchens where other who
worked with her or ate the food that Mary cooked ill with typhoid fever. I 1915
started another outbreak of typhoid at the Sloane hospital for women in New York

city. The police finally arrested her after a few attempts. The health officials
returned her quarantine on the north border island on march 27, 1915. Mary spent
the rest of her life in quarantine at the Riverside hospital. Six years before she dies,
Mary was paralyzed. On November 11 1938 Mary Mallon dies from Pneumonia at
the age of 69. The autopsy found bacteria in her gall bladder. Mary was cremated
and her ashes were buried at Saint Raymond cemetery in Bronx. Mary attracted
much media attention and they nicknamed her Typhoid Mary in the news articles, as
Mary was the first American woman was an asymptomatic carrier of the pathogen
associated with Typhoid fever. Mary infected 51 people of whom three died .Later in
a text book that described Typhoid call Mary as Typhoid Mary.
Typhoid is a bacterial illness. This spread in unsanitary and unhygienic conditions.
The disease spreads quickly and affects the lymph nodes, spleen, liver and cause
fever, rashes, loss of appetite and other symptoms of general illness.
Mary admitted poor hygiene and stated that she never understood the purpose of
hand washing. Mary never washed her hands before preparing and cooking the food
as she thought that she never ever did pose a risk. The bacteria on her hands
contaminated the water, the raw food and the cooked food. Families ate the food
that Mary cooked and ingested the bacteria. People can develop typhoid fever afer
ingesting contaminated food or water. The human person can be healthy and can
spread the illness by shedding the bacteria Salmonella typhi. Salmonella typhi can
also be present in the feces and urine. Washing hands before food preparation and
cooking and

only cooked food can reduce the risk of getting typhoid fever.

Treatment is provided for Typhoid and one can be immunized against typhoid.

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