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Review for LET

Subject: Values Education Part 3

Direction: Choose the best answer
1. Values which are professed but unused are worthless or worse phony goodness and sometimes
use as rationalization for not changing. This means
a. One has to live up to all their ideals
b. One has to live up to basic values
c. One should walk his talk
d. One must be honest with oneself
2. Marie wants to find out how she can evaluate her performance in order to improve personally and
professionally. Which of the following should she first undertake?
a. Periodically review and update her plans and continue to learn every day.
b. Identify gaps in her knowledge or skills ad or identify attitudes which can be explored.
c. Make a coherent plan to address any problem that may arise in her work.
d. Identify what she has learned from seminars and implement plan.
3. Ms. Dy, a teacher for more than twenty years, could feel a little depression and frustration for the
past few days. She decided to take time out to evaluate some of her beliefs and values which may
be the source of what she is currently feeling. She would like to know what she needs to do or at
least embrace on some healthier and more functional beliefs and values. This can be done through
a. Affirmation

b. Feedback

c. Introspection

d. Self disclosure

4. There is a wholesome cycle involve in self disclosure. Which of the following best describes
the pattern.
a. Self disclosure friendship and self acceptance
b. Friendship self disclosure and self acceptance
c. Self acceptance friendship and self disclosure
d. Self disclosure self acceptance and friendship
5. Apply skills
Answer Sheet Values Education Part 3
1. D One must be honest with oneself, recognize the difference between pretended (verbalized)
values and operational (acted on) values. No one lives up to all ideals, some values are verbalized
only to make one look or feel good and sometimes verbalized and not acted out values does not
help one to be more moral but sometimes are just self serving hypocrisy.
2. B Personal and professional development requires one to exercise several reflective and
analytical skills. Reflective skills can help one exercise self monitoring. The whole process of
reflective skills requires analysis, reflection, synthesis, planning and implementation.
3. C- Introspection would be the most appropriate strategy/skills for self change than self
disclosure and the other options. Introspection is a view of the inside or interior, a look inward;
specifically the act or process of examination or inspection of ones own thoughts and feelings. It
is a process of spiritual maturity, that can liberate one to live with more spiritual, ethical and
psychological power, joy and aliveness.

4. A - The whole cycle involve self disclosure, friendship, and self - acceptance. First, it is usually
helpful to tell the person you are interacting with some information, feelings and thoughts which
usually deepens friendships. Acceptance by friends and others increases your self acceptance.
And as you feel better about yourself, you can self disclose even more leading to a more
enjoyable relationships.
5. B -