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SET 16

151. Before court litigations are resorted to confrontation minor cases are handled by the.
a. Court of Appeals
b. Regional Trial court
c. Metropolitan court
d. Lupon ng barangay

152. During rainy reason, mosquitoes lay more eggs in stagnant water. Identify the stage when the
mosquitoes life is best found in water drums.
a. Egg
b. larvae
c. maggot
d. adult

153. Water is sold in bottles. The best purifying process is done through:
a. Osmosis
b. Purification
c. Boiling
d. Distillation

154. Communication is faster these days because of recent discoveries using:

a. Plastic conductors
b. Sound waves
c. Optic fibers
d. Ultra violet rays

155. Children in upland places are found affected by enlarged goiter. Which of these situations may
help this group of children?
a. Add iodized salt to diet
b. Add iron to diet
c. Expose the children to ultraviolet rays
d. Add iodine drops to diet
156. Congressman A: I did not hear your question.
Congress B: What question?
Congressman A: _____ but why?

The right response of Congressman A should be:

a. Im sorry, Please repeat your question for the second time
b. Im sorry. I failed to follow you

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c. Im sorry your question was not clear

d. Im sorry. Lets stop it

157. In the joint peace talk, the last phase of the ceremony was noted with the:
a. released of carabaos
b. release of balloons
c. firing guns in the air
d. release of write of white pigeon

158. Civil service employees are not allowed to join and organize unions. How many they be
a. Teacher unions are allowed if duty registered with the Civil Service Commission
b. These are taboo to civil service official
c. Teachers are not allowed to join or organized unions
d. Employees who join unions should be laid off at any given time
159. A boat named Green Peace campaigns strongly against
a. damping of toxic wastes in seas
b. use of fine fish nets for fishing
c. use of dynamite to catch fish
d. damping of dead sailors in seas.

160. A type of larvae injected by a mosquito bite has been observed in Mindoro and Bicol provinces.
So a special health program was established to identify patients who normally exhibit
a. protruding eye balls
b. enlarged tonsils
c. enlarge thyroid glands
d. enlarged legs

161. Panelist in the peace talk believed in a declared ceasefire since:

a. both camp went on vacation
b. one camp raised their while flag everyone laid down their arms
c. every laid down their arms
d. bandits regrouped and reinforced field men
162. Ang ating nakayanan ay di dapat natin ____ di ba?
a. ikahihiya
b. ihiya
c. ikahiya
d. ipagkahiya

163. Tayo kayong lahat, utos ng kapitan. Ano ang binigkas ng kapitan sa kanyang platoon?
a. tayo na

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b. lahat ay tumayo
c. tumayi
d. lahat tumayo

164. Man can survive without eating but he cannot stay long without
a. rice
b. water
c. fruits
d. vegetables

165. Prices of commodities are affected by world demands. Answer it with:

a. Yes, they are
b. No, it is isnt
c. Yes, it is
d. No, they are
166. Find b if 2a + 3b = c; is equal to:
a. a-c all over 3
b. 2 a c all over 3
c. 2a + c all over 3
d. a + c all over 3

167. Organic fertilizers coming from bats found in caves are useful and abundant especially in the
canvas under sea is:
a. Camiguin
b. Palawan
c. Camarines Sur
d. Rizal
168. In a class of forty, there are ten Protestants, ten Jehovah Witness, and 20 Catholics. How will
the schedule on religious instructions be carried out?
a. Ask priest to handle the instructions
b. Organize one class for all the 40 pupils
c. Stagger the religious instruction to accommodate all religious group
d. Assign a teacher to handle religious instructions
169. Children with poor eye sights were advised to improve their nutrition through this were
advised to improve their nutrition through this combination of food:
a. pork, bread, potato
b. rice, squash, fish
c. meat, rice, ice cream
d. hamburger, french fries, coke


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170. Alin sa mga sumusonod na salita and bumubuo ng pangungusap?

a. pinasa dapat ng guro ang LET upang maging isang ganap na guro
b. LET lang gamitin sa pagiging guro
c. Dapat isang mapasa ang LET bago maging guro
d. Dapat ang guro LET ang pinsa

171. Ang dapat iwagayway ang simbolo ang katayan sapagkat itoy ___ ng bayan.
a. sagwil
b. sagisag
c. saksi
d. sanlaki

172. What was a controversial anti drug campaign in Manila, which was stopped by a court
decision? The:
a. parading of handcuffed drug addicts
b. painting of houses of drug pushers
c. arrest of drug pushers
d. posting of pictures of drug users
173. Violence in crowded squatter areas is affected by:
a. economic sufficiency
b. economic deprivation
c. uncensored TV movies
d. censored TV films

174. Siya ay hinirang na taga-sensus ng bahay-bahay. Ano ang kanyang nalikom?

a. Ang bilang ng tao sa bahay
b. Ang kayamanan ng may-bahay
c. Ang dapat at bilang tungkol sa mga maninirahan sa ibat ibang ahay
d. ang data at bilang ng mga tao sa isang bayan
175. Most crimes in recently years have been traced to:
a. drug abuse
b. poverty
c. laziness
d. prostitution

176. The Philippines products unless upgraded in quality will suffer world competition because of
the trade participation under.

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177. Give the product of 16 multiplied by 24/8

a. 49
b. 53
c. 48
d. 50

178. Passing through the corridor, the principal noted is misbehavior. How did she handle the
a. Why are you here?
b. Leave the place
c. Get out o the place
d. Classes are on-keep quite

179. A village is rationed water everyday. The truck delivers 5 tons to 10 houses daily. How many
tons will be rationed in six days?
a. 10 tons
b. 40 tons
c. 20 tons
d. 30 tons

180. In the last election, Senator X garnered 11,900,000 votes. Senator Y only got of Senator Xs
votes. What was Senator Ys votes?
a. 5,920,000
b. 7,950,000
c. 5,950,000
d. 6,950,000
181. The weather bureau recorded a rainfall of 2.2 cm at eight in the morning. It rained the whole
evening and the volume read the next morning was 4.8 cm, how much rain fell in the evening?
a. 8.8 cm
b. 4.6 cm
c. 3.6 cm
d. 2.6 cm
182. The value of spiritually can be quantified but it is evident when:
a. One mirror reflects values internalized in humane relationship
b. one feels deeply for another
c. one speaks ill of other
d. one speaks ill of another

183. Mental hygiene is an outlook. People suffering from mental from mental disorder may be

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a. Mentally and emotionally insecure

b. Drug addicts
c. Social outcast
d. Pathologically affected

184. The absence of hospital facilities contributed to the patients

a. Complication of illness
b. Immediate death
c. Successful recovery
d. Complex recovery

185. Filipinos are noted for hospitality. What turns them off when they go aboard and are
unwelcome in their limited space? All these are due to the absence of the concept of ____ in America
and European families.
a. Maids/helps at home
b. Cooperatives
c. Extended families
d. Elders left to special homes
186. Caves in the Mountain Province were found full of bodies buried with their jewelry. This
practice has cultured influence from:
a. Buddhism
b. Christianity
c. Shintoism
d. Mohammedanism

187. Secondary students have some choices in some subjects. These subjects are normally ___
a. optional
b. basic
c. required
d. cognate
188. If a = b/5 and 10a = 14, what is b?
a. 28
b. 14
c. 7
d. 2

189. Mag- ingat sa taong halang ang butika. Ang kahulugan nito ay:
a. madaling mapikon and taong ganon
b. di takot mamatay o makamatay
c. ayaos na atos ang buhay

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d. maluha ang sakit ng tao

190. Lack of an circulation and oxygen caused in child to die of:

a. asphyxiation
b. heart failure
c. pneumonia
d. suffocation

191. Lethal injections should be done on a case basis. This infers

a. That lethal injection should be stopped
b. That lethal injection should be done to all
c. That lethal injection should be selective and rational
d. That death penalty can be postponed

192. The stock manipulation scandal to a noted stock:

a. Loss of investment
b. Reduced divided
c. Irregular price ceiling of goods
d. Withdrawal of capital gains

193. In understanding value formation, the approach of analysis should be made in:
a. circular relationship
b. check-list inventory
c. box type relationship
d. star shape relationship
194. Elma Muros dethroned Lydia de Vega as track queen. This means:
a. Lydia shares her throne with Elma
b. Lydia still ranks first
c. Elma follows Lydia in rank
d. Elma defeated Lydia

195. Fish in aquarium all died when a drop of ____ was placed in the water.
a. alcohol
b. soap
c. sulphur
d. sugar

196. Ms. Dela Pea counted 4 decades before she delivered her eldest child. How old was she?
a. 50
b. 30
c. 40
d. 44

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197. City ordinance campaign for stray digs is done to reduce cases of:
a. Tuberculosis
b. Typhoid fever
c. Cancer
d. Rabies
198. Si Mayet ay ___ kaya di nakatapos ng kanyang gawin.
a. Maykatamaran
b. Matamad
c. Tamad
d. Mapagkatamad

199. Every teacher should help create satisfying emotional atmosphere. Every individuals
personality should be respected. What behavior fits the teacher?
a. Allow students to argue
b. Listen to complaints of students
c. Show concern for all learners
d. Limits discussion in class
200. According to this work on Oedipus, what is the nature of a man?
a. that man is political being
b. that man submits his will to forces more powerful than he
c. that man is a social being
d. that man is a thinking being with a free will


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151. D
152. B
153. D
154. C
155. A
156. A
157. D
158. A
159. A
160. D
161. C
162. C
163. A
164. B
165. A
166. B
167. B
168. C
169. B
170. A
171. B
172. B
173. B
174. D
175. B

Answer Key
General Education Set 16

176. D
177. C
178. D
179. D
180. C
181. D
182. A
183. D
184. B
185. C
186. A
187. A
188. C
189. B
190. D
191. C
192. A
193. B
194. D
195. C
196. C
197. D
198. A
199. C
200. B


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