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SET 18

51. Ang pisngi ni Mary ay kasing pula ng makopa. It ay isang halimbawa ng anong uri ng
a. Metonomiya
b. Pandiwantao
c. Patulad
d. Pawangis

52. Our commitments can develop us or they can destroy us, but either way, they will define use.
Choose the line below that has the same meaning
a. We must make full commitment to wordly goals
b. Our commitments need not be planned way ahead
c. Half-hearted commitment is what we need today
d. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to

53. Workers in the service sector should be trained to act as __________as possible
a. convertly
b. curtly
c. rudely
d. courteously

54. Aling Rosa spent P 91.80 for ingredients and fuel to cook guinatan, She was able to sell what she
cooked to 32 customers who paid P 4.50 each. How much did she gain from her enterprise?
a. 14.40
b. 42.20
c. 28.40
d. 52.20
55. Sino ang nagsabi ng sumusunod, Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa ang amoy sa
malansang isda?
a. Apolinario Mabini
b. Gregorio del Pilar
c. Marcelo H, del Pilar
d. Jose Rizal
56. Which animal is classified as herbivore?
a. Frog
b. Dog
c. Carabao
d. Tiger


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57. Medical practitioners employ a new technique in examining some internal organs usually in the
abdominal region. Name it
a. Ultrascan
b. Laser
c. Endoscopy
d. Infrasound
58. Which of these does NOT belong to the group?
a. Rhombus
b. Parallelogram
c. Pentagon
d. Rectangle

59. Successful sales person ___________ and understands the needs of the market
a. thoroughly know their products
b. their products are known thoroughly
c. products are thoroughly known
d. know their products thoroughly
60. Our guest of honor was a loquacious speaker. This mean he is ____________
a. taciturn
b. verbose
c. reticent
d. reserved

61. A dress marked P 240.0 was put on sale at a 25% discount. Because no one bought it, it sale
price was reduced further by 10%. What is the combined percent discount given?
a. 27
b. 32.5
c. 16.2
d. 35

62. Siya ang unang bumuo ng titik ng ating pambansang awit na may pamagat na Himno Nacioanl
a. Graciano Lopez Jaena
b. Andres Bonifacio
c. Jose Palma
d. Marcelo H. del Pilar
63. Ilan ang kasalukuyang bilang ng ating alpabeto?
a. 31
b. 28


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c. 20
d. 30

64. The Japanese successful invasion was climaxed by the surrender of the join Filipino-American
Forces on May 6, 1942. Where did it happen?
a. Manila
b. Capas
c. Corregidor
d. Bataan
65. Who was the power to declare the existence of a state of war?
a. Senate President
b. Chief Justice
c. President
d. Congress

66. A typical social structure which describes a pattern through which relationships at work are
ordered is termed
a. Capitalistic
b. Technological
c. Bureaucratic
d. Communistic

67. Where was Rizal buried after his execution at Bagumbayan?

a. Libingan ng mga Bayani
b. South cemetery
c. Paco cemetery
d. North cemetery

68. Which law states that the price of commodity is determined when the quantity that buyers are
willing to buy is the same as the quantity that the sellers want to sell?
a. Supply
b. Supply and demand
c. Diminishing Returns
d. Demand
69. Which property of sound enables us to distinguish between of particular pitch produced by a
piano and that of a violin?
a. Intensity
b. Frequency
c. Quality
d. Wavelength


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70. Archimedes shouted Eureka! What did we take this to mean?

a. Wonderful
b. Enjoyment
c. Mystery
d. Discovery
71. To what biome do the Philippines belong?
a. Tundra
b. Tropical rainforest
c. Grassland
d. Dipterocarp forest

72. Which is the theory that emphasizes the adolescence period as the one that has the greatest
importance in the development of the adult personality?
a. Confluent
b. Psych-analytic
c. Humanistic
d. Psychosocial
73. The volume of box is ___. It is the length is 24 cm and height is 5 cm. What is the width?
a. 5 cm
b. 4 cm
c. 6 cm
d. 8 cm

74. Kailan ginagamit and mga gitling na maka? Alin sa mga sumusunod na halimbawa ang tama?
a. Maka-kursilista pala siya
b. Si ate ay tunay na maka Nora Aunor.
c. Maka-ibayong dagat and gaming panauhin
d. Maka-ibang bansa and tutunguhan niya
75. Children who have exposed too much to TV suffer from usually short___________
a. learning
b. attention span
c. concentration
d. understanding
76. What are the next three numbers in this sequence?1/6, 1/3, , 2/3 .
a. 7/3, 4, 9/3
b. 5/6, 1, 7/6
c. 5/2, 7, 4/2
d. 5/6, 2/6, 7/3


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77. Be sure to fill _______ the forms correctly

a. over
b. in
c. on
d. with

78. Name one of the World Heritage Sites of our country

a. Intramuros walled city
b. Batanes Stone House
c. Banawe Rice Terraces
d. Palawan Underground River
79. How much greater is of 96 than 4/5 of 80?
a. 18
b. 12
c. 6
d. 8

80. A square has an area of 400 sq. cm . What is its perimeter?

a. 20 cm
b. 80 cm
c. 100 cm
d. 40 cm

81. Three (3) cavans of rice will last a family of 6 members 5 weeks. At this rate, how many weeks
will 2 cavans of rice last a family of 4 members?
a. 4
b. 6
c. 5
d. 3
82. Why are mammals described as warm-blooded animals?
a. Body temperature changes with the environment
b. Blood raises temperature with that of the environment
c. Body remains warm through the day
d. Body temperature does not change with the environment

83. In one senior class 1/3 of the students are honor students. Of these honor students 2/7 are
varsity athletes. If they are four athletes in the class, how many students are there in the class?
a. 84
b. 42
c. 52
d. 60

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84. Organisms that eat plants only are called

a. Ovipores
b. Herbivores
c. Omnivores
d. Carnivores

85. The school cafeteria raised the price of a plate of rice form P8 o P10. If the same rate of increase
was applied to a regular order of viand which used to cost P20, how much does an order of viand?
a. P26
b. P25
c. P24
d. P22
86. Which of these fractions lies between 1/5 and 5/9?
a. 2/3
b. 3/5
c. 1/6

87. The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want is an expression of ones

a. Poverty
b. Blind ignorance
c. Total submission of GOD
d. Love for self

88. Ito ang mga opisyal na wika mula sa panahon ng Republika hanggang sa kasalukuyang. Piliin ito
a. Ingles at Tagalog
b. Ingles at Filipino
c. Ingles at Kastila
d. Filipino at Kastila
89. In 1565 Legaspi concluded a blood compact with the chief of Bohol. Name him
a. Lakandula
b. Rajah Sulayman
c. Sikatuna
d. Rajah Tupas
90. What is the exact date of Rizals birth?
a. June 19, 1862
b. June 19, 1858
c. June 19, 1861
d. June 19, 1860


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91. Which of these numbers does NOT belong to the group?

a. 83
b. 91
c. 71
d. 97

92. I was late for my class yesterday, I blamed it on the

a. Slow traffic
b. Slow traffic always
c. Slow traffic that confused
d. Slow moving traffic

93. A man started painting a wall of 9:00 a.m. an was able to finish painting 3/5 of it at 10:30 a.m.
continuing at this rate at what time will he finish painting the wall?
a. 10:45 a.m.
b. 11:30 a.m.
c. 11:45 a.m.
d. 12:15 p.m.
94. According to WHO, where did SARS originate?
a. Hong Kong
b. Taiwan
c. Canada
d. China

95. In a math glass of 14 students, 9 students has an average of 76, while the other 5 students had
an average of 90. What is the average of the whole class?
a. 79
b. 88
c. 81
d. 85
96. Among the developing Asian nations, one of the following is widely promoted to be one of the
better solutions to poverty and unemployment. Choose which one
a. Importation
b. Industrialization
c. Privatization
d. Urbanization
97. A new x-ray technique is now being used to detect tumors and other minute abnormalities.
Name it
a. Beam scanner

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b. Radiation scanner
c. Laser
d. Micro-detector

98. What do we call the sum of money collected for our use of a road, bridge and highway?
a. Penalty
b. Assessment
c. Tax
d. Toll
99. Which of these weights is heaviest?
a. 5 pound
b. 2.5 kg
c. 4200 mg
d. 2250 gm

100. Kailan ginagamit ang isang pananalitang patulad?

a. Sa paghahambing ng magkatulad na bagay
b. Sa paghahalintulad ng dalawang kaisipan
c. Sa paghahalintulad ng dalawang diwa
d. Sa paghahambing ng dalawang magkaibang bagay


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51. d
52. d
53. d
54. d
55. d
56. c
57. c
58. c
59. d
60. b
61. d
62. c
63. b
64. d
65. d
66. c
67. c
68. b
69. d
70. d
71. b
72. b
73. b
74. b
75. b

Answer Key
General Education Set 18

76. b
77. b
78. c
79. d
80. b
81. c
82. d
83. b
84. b
85. b
86. d
87. c
88. b
89. c
90. c
91. b
92. d
93. b
94. d
95. c
96. b
97. c
98. d
99. b
100. a


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