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A customer asks, How can VMware allow me to have a Brave New IT? What would be the best
Its One Cloud plus Any Application plus Any Device. Get all the VMware components for the one cloud
to serve your applications, all the VMware solutions to efficiently develop cloud-based applications, and all
the VMware components to run the applications on end-user devices.
Its One Cloud plus Modern Cloud Applications. Get one VMware cloud from the selection of clouds
available, and then obtain the cloud-based VMware office productivity suite
Its One Cloud plus Business Mobility. Get all the VMware components for the one unified cloud to serve
your applications, and then obtain the VMware solutions that allow these applications to be consumed
safely on any device.
Its One Cloud plus your infrastructure. Get all the VMware solutions necessary to build the cloud of your
choice on the architecture of your choicelegacy, converged or hyper-converged.

The VMware architecture for IT leads the customer to a Brave New IT. What does a Brave New IT
consist of?
IT administrators get fully equipped through VMware training to fully deliver on the promise of cloud using
VMware solutions.
The entire physical infrastructure is completely replaced by another physical infrastructure that is optimized
for cloud, allowing IT to fully exploit cloud services for their end-users.
IT complies with all the cost-cutting goals of the business as it gives greater control to the end-users who
are requesting their services.
IT services get delivered at the push of a button, while IT successfully meets changing expectations and
requirements, all within a completely secure environment.

The VMware architecture for IT delivers One Cloud for Any Application. What does One Cloud
for Any Application mean? Choose the best answer.
One unified hybrid cloud that can be run on any kind of infrastructure and managed with a common
management platform, delivering any application on any device.
Your choice of private, public or hybrid cloud for any kind of application, regardless of platform, operating
system or hardware, all easily accessible to end-users from any location.
One cloud, specifically configured for your computing needs, that can be applied to any kind of business
environment or industry.
One public cloud where you can place any kind of workload, with all the security necessary for todays
challenging situations, and all the fault tolerance needed in order to ensure reliability.

A customer complains about the problems of securing virtual machines in their environment.
Specifically using the IT Outcome Security Controls Native to Infrastructure, what impact could
VMware solutions have for this customer?

Rapid application delivery with policy-based infrastructure automation and support for continuous security
Stateful security protection for all workloads, network micro-segmentation, increased speed in deploy
security services and VM-to-VM firewalling
Reduced CAPEX on hardware and software at all disaster recovery sites, using automated recovery that
minimizes downtime.
Secured and managed devices, apps and content, plus simplified management and streamlined
management costs.