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English 2XL / Shakely / 9.


PV Log: (circle one) Poem / Movie / Theater / Lyric / Photo

Date 3/16/16

Title Perspective

Author / Director / Poet / Lyricist, etc. (if known)

Nate Assavarungnirund

Context (Where Found / Viewed / Read . . . Variety of Sources, please, vis-a-vis Google Images only)

I wrote this poem myself.

Content / CD / Summary (Say? Plot? Setting / Situation? Key lines / Phrases, Scenes, etc? )

This poem displays a group of people sitting around a candle. According to the poem, each person sees a
different color flame, even though they are all looking at the same candle. In addition, each person continues
to argue with one another about the color of the flame. They are determined that their view is the only right
one. The poem states how people are easily consumed by their pride and refuse to give in.

Content / CM / Meaning? / Theme(s)?

The theme of this poem is the different perspectives that people have. The poem shows how easily people
can become egocentrical. People get consumed by their own views and forget that other people might see
things differently. Similar to the candle, people have their own perspective and views in life. Each person has
a different perspective on how to handle certain situations. However, the way we choose to react to others
approach shows our character.

Form (Diction? Construction Terms? Symbolism?) This section MUST be filled out for poems taken from the AP Poetry
packet provided prior to first library visit.

The poem uses the candle as a symbol for life and the flame is used to symbolize everything that happens in
our lifetime. The color of the flame differentiates from person to person, similar to how people have various
approaches to different situations in life.

Commentary: Why like? Poetic Traits? Relevance / Connections / Allusions (Lit, Bib, Myth, Histor, Other) / Relevance
to personal experience, 20Qs? etc.)?

This poem was inspired by a story that was told to me while I was a child. The moral of the story was to
accept others and try to understand the way other people act. Everyone acts in a certain way because of their
own perspective. The moral of the poem and story is essentially the same, which I find quite poetic. I also
find this poem relevant throughout our lives. We all have certain ways we view the world, but we have to
learn to accept and understand why other people have their own certain views.