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Todays Society

Brian Davidson Jr

In this paper I seek to compare todays society versus the Industrial Revolution. This
revolution was an industrial movement that started in Britain. It started there because of five
things: resources, new technology, economic conditions, political conditions and social
conditions. The Industrial Revolution started with the textile industry in the 1600's when Indian
cloth became popular in Britain. They attempted to make their own product and sell it to get
more money. Many inventions were created during the Industrial Revolution. Hence, the name
Industrial. Many of the inventions were helpful to people, but so are inventions today. I argue
that today's society has changed very much since the Industrial Revolution era and has been
largely influenced by history. I will prove this by providing information about some of the
inventions from the Industrial Revolution, some that are made today, and share with you how
they have changed society, for better or worse.
I will begin to explain the inventions that were manufactured during the Industrial
Revolution. I will talk about the steam engine, spinning jenny, and telephone. The steam engine
was invented first in 1712 by Thomas Newcomen. When it was first built, it wasnt very useful,
but it was a great new idea that came into the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine then was
improved in 1769 by James Watt, a man from Scotland, to better improve trains, boats, and
factories. The steam engine helped society very much and is the most exciting and important
invention of the Industrial Revolution. This is because it helped people to travel long distances in

shorter amounts of time. Another major invention made during the Industrial Revolution was the
spinning jenny. It was invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves. The spinning jenny helped people
spin yarn to make clothing easier and faster. Although it was not a very fast process, it was still
way easier then sewing by hand. The next invention that was manufactured during the Industrial
Revolution was the telephone which was built in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. It was made
to make communication easier between people long distances from each other. It was built with
wires and used land lines to connect people.
I will now begin to explain the inventions made and manufactured in todays society. I
will be talking about the modern cell phones, the weaving machine, and escalators. Cell phones
first started being made in 1793 by Martin Cooper who was a researcher and executive. He made
the first mobile telephone call from handheld subscriber equipment, to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell
Labs. Cell phones today have taken over peoples lives opposed to back when they were not as
popular, and you couldn't take them everywhere you went. When people today are on their cell
phones too much, sometimes it can lead to tragic accidents and separation from families. Cell
phones are very valuable to those in the business field because they may need to make important
calls anytime, anywhere. The first electric sewing machines were developed by Singer Sewing
Co. and was introduced in 1889. By the end of the First World War, Singer was offering hand,
treadle, and electric machines for sale. These machines were made to make sewing faster and
easier, unlike the ones built during the Industrial Revolution. The design has now modernized, it
runs off of electric energy and sews faster. People only have to put in a small amount of work,
and it also makes for more efficient production of clothing. Last, I will be telling you a little bit
about escalators. Escalators are steps that transport you without much work being used.

Escalators were invented in 1892 when Jesse W. Reno developed the first working escalator
he called it an inclined elevator. Escalators are used everywhere in todays society, and its one
of the many reasons why people today are obese and out of shape because they cant just take the
normal steps to travel. But still it makes it easier for you if you are carrying something heavy or
if youre too hurt to walk up the normal stairs.
In conclusion the revolution of the industrial age was the most important movement that
really sparked the age of discovery and creation. The resources, new technology, economic
conditions, and the political and social conditions that started in Britain really sparked the
beginning of the rest of peoples lives. This revolution led to the reasons people are able to travel
faster today, it led to the way we make money, the way we communicate, and the way that we
live. The Industrial Revolution may as well be the most important and memorable movement in
not only American history but that of the world.