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Environmental changes

Academic changes

Social changes

Environmental changes

Academic changes

It can be difficult and expensive

to find a way that all students
will be comfortable, but it is truly
worth it if students can be
happy to go to school and

Social changes

Creating a

Changes that can be made to create a better school

Academic Changes

Find what teaching style

students prefer.

Demonstrator or Coach
methods use a number of
formats to teach: lectures,
presentations and

Change hard chairs and

cleaner systems that filter air.

Keep classrooms and hall

ways clean and free of

students to learn - a place

free from bullying and

Let students give their input


on how lessons are taught

and what they think might
help them better understand
what they are learning.

Create a socially and

emotionally safe place for


Update air conditioning

systems with new and

the teacher.

dents personalities and

wider counterparts.

Find ways to help students

bond with one another and

Hybrid or Blended methods

combine the teacher and stu-

small desks with softer and


Environmental Changes

Social Changes

Teachers and administrators

can help students feel secure
with the trials that they have
in other aspects of their lives.
This can build a relationship
of trust, support, and