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Practice Reflection worksheet

Use this worksheet to reflect on your practice; you can use more than one if you need to.
You do not have to submit this worksheet to the College if you are selected for Practice Assessment.

Describe an experience, event or change in your practice or practice

setting that was significant to you.
An experience, event or change in my practice or practice setting that was significant to me was when it
was the day of clinical when us students were assigned to administer medications to our patients the first
time. This was significant to me because giving medications was important itself as administering the
wrong medications or providing the medications to the wrong patient and etc. will lead to serious consequences. My role, as a student, was to prevent any medication error by doing research on certain drugs and
to think critically about the precautions and contraindications of each drug to ensure safety to my clients.

What happened?
What was your role?

Based on what you described above, what were your strengths and
what were your areas for improvement?
Based on what I have described above, my strengths are my drug research was very detailed, neat and listed in point
form for enhanced accessibility in case I need to check some information before administering any drugs to any patient.
My areas of improvement are to take initiative to look at the MAR and take any other necessities in order to give the
drug to be efficient with time and prevent any complications e.g. get alcohol swabs for injections, mini cups for oral

Areas for improvement

will inform your learning

medications and to check certain vitals before administering a drug (antihypertensives).

What input have you received from your peers about your practice?
The input I have received from my peers about my practice are agreeable and very clear, which I will surely

Consider asking:

take into consideration. Three strengths that my peers have seen in me are: 1) I am willing and open to any learning

Can you give me an

example of what my
learning needs might be?

opportunities. 2) My research with the drugs are very concise and I know the different techniques how to administer
the drugs for each route. 3) I treat my patients with care and respect. Three weaknesses are: 1) I don't take initiative
when it comes to the care of the patient, especially medication administration. 2) I don't do enough assessments on my
patients and don't know the assessments thoroughly. 3) I'm not using my time well and not efficient with patient care.

Consider any feedback

you have received from

Based on your own reflection and the input you received, what are
your learning needs?
My learning needs are to do further research and practice on assessments and other crucial aspects of
nursing care, to be more efficient with time, and to think critically in certain situations especially before

What do you need to learn

to improve your practice?

medication administration to prevent complications and harm to the patient's health.

Which elements relate to your learning needs?

Advances in technology

Entry-to-practice competencies

Changes in the practice environment

Interprofessional care

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