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Business analysis

What is the business problem and the current financial impact

What are the current methods being practiced and their efficiency
Problem definition as precisely as possible
Any assumptions and processes with clear description of value

Problem analysis

Volume of data
o How much data is needed
o Is it a big data or a nano-data problem if so, what is the architecture
Velocity of data
o Can I do the model and application in batch model
o Model in batch and application in real time
o Model and application in real time
o How many sources of data, how many are manually collected and how many are
machine collected
o Based on the above, is the data likely to need a lot of cleansing
o Is the data structured, unstructured?
o Specify all data elements
o Is the data socially generated and keeps changing the nature frequently or generated in
closed conditions
o Is there going to be a need for non-linear models

Solution analysis

Is it a classification, regression or optimization problem

What error metrics make most sense
What visualizations are needed and what should be the structure of the final dashboard
A simple pictorial view of final design at multiple levels