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Unit Test 8
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.


1 Complete the text with the missing words. The beginning of each word is given.
The recruitment process usually begins when the employer advertises a (1) v_______________
or a new post sometimes both inside and outside the company. Once they have received all the
(2) a_______________, they study and discuss them in order to select those which meet their
requirements. Next, they will assemble an interview (3) p_______________ and call the few
candidates they have (4) sh_______________ to an interview. The employer will also need to
check (5) r_______________ either before or after the interviewing stage. Finally, the employer
will make a job (6) o_______________ to the successful candidate, who then starts work,
sometimes after a (7) p_______________ period of three or six months. In many companies, the
new recruit will attend induction sessions or be given a mentor who is responsible for (8)
t_______________ new staff. After that, the recruit can be offered a (9) p_______________

2 Choose the correct words from the box to complete the definitions.
adaptable / ambitious / authoritative / enthusiastic / methodical / reliable


An _______________ person behaves or speaks in a confident way that makes people

respect and obey them.


If you are _______________, you do things carefully, using an ordered system.


An _______________ person is able to change in order to be successful in new and

different situations.


If you are _______________, you feel or show a lot of interest and excitement about


A _______________ person can be trusted or depended on.


If you are _______________, you are determined to be very successful in your career.


3 Using the correct form of the verb in brackets, complete the second sentence so that it
has a similar meaning to the first. Write either two or three words as appropriate in each
For example:

We havent got enough money to give everyone a bonus. (afford)

We cant afford to give everyone a bonus.

Using the cheapest form of transport doesnt bother me. (mind)

I dont _________________________ the cheapest form of transport.


If I dont improve my performance, theres a danger Ill lose my job. (risk)

If I dont improve my performance, I _________________________ my job.


Im not sure, but I think there is a problem with the redundancy arrangements. (seem)
There _________________________ a problem with the redundancy arrangements.


In my job I have to travel abroad two or three times a year. (involve)

My job _________________________ abroad two or three times a year.


Well review our complaints procedures. (promise)

We _________________________ our complaints procedures.


Our plan is to invest in new staff training programmes. (intend)

We _________________________ in new staff training programmes.


Attach the references they requested dont forget, will you? (remember)
Please _________________________ the references they requested.


I didnt anticipate having to take a psychometric test. (expect)

I didnt _________________________ to take a psychometric test.


We will definitely introduce a strict anti-bullying policy. (undertake)

We _________________________ a strict anti-bullying policy.


What if we increased the kitchen staffs pay?, said Leila. (suggest)

Leila _________________________ the kitchen staffs pay.


4 Complete this telephone conversation with the expressions from the box.
Are you saying / Im calling about / I think thats all / dont worry / I was wondering
A: Good afternoon, my names Rosario Martinelli. (26)_________________________ your
advertisement for the post of website designer. It appeared in last weeks Brookfield Echo.
(27)_________________________ if you could give me a little more information.

B: Certainly, what do you need to know?

A: Well, first of all, am I still in time to apply? I was away for almost a week and I only saw the
advert this morning. So, I was thinking, maybe Ive missed the deadline
B: No, (28)_________________________, youre not too late. In fact, the closing date for
application is this Friday, but you can complete the application form online.
A: (29)_________________________ that I can e-mail it to you?
B: Thats correct. So that gives you one more day.
A: Thats great. Ill complete it right away and e-mail it to you later today.
B: Good, I look forward to getting it.
A: Erm, theres just one more thing Id like to check. When is the successful candidate expected
to start?
B: The starting date is September but could be negotiated if it was a problem.
A: That sounds good. Well, (30)_________________________ I needed to know. Thank you
very much for your help.
B: You are very welcome. And good luck!
A: Thank you.

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