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Philosophy of Education

I believe the most important goal of education is to prepare all students equally for their
roles in a multicultural, technological, society. To teach students reading, writing, thinking, and
communicating across the curriculum. To teach students to value diversity of culture, how to
make responsible decisions, how to resolve conflicts, how to work together, how to listen
attentively, and how to build collaborative skills.
In order to be a positive force in promoting an effective education I first need to model
what I teach. I need to believe in my students before I can convey that belief to them. I want to
learn all I can so when I step into my classroom my students will be benefitted. I will stay
current on policies and I will be an advocate for my students.
Students learn in a variety of ways such as, visually, audibly, kinesthetically, etc., and that
I need to incorporate all those ways into my teaching in order to reach them and open that
channel where they can respond. I also believe that I must create a safe and caring environment
for the students to learn in which means no bullying will be tolerated. Where everyone special
cultural will be acknowledged and brought into the curriculum. I understand that the learners in
my class will not all have the same abilities; however, I believe inclusion, collaboration, and
differentiated instruction will help all the students.
I understand that it is the teachers role to get her students to be able to pass the state
tests, but it doesnt have to be by rote learning. Teachers can incorporate interactive learning,
give students more responsibility for their learning, and use inclusive small-group work. There
are a lot of ways teachers can bring learning alive and relevant to her students. Teachers can
incorporate books, videos, and guests from other cultures to be a part of the curriculum to

enhance students learning and promote equity in the classroom. As the teacher I would need to
make sure that the curriculum used in class employs a variety of methods of instruction, that it
should set realistic goals and techniques for students at all ability levels. I would need to assess
the effectiveness of the curriculum and adapt instruction where necessary based on student
outcomes and curriculum objectives.
I believe that to have equity in the classroom means that we (teacher and students)
understand what stereotypes are and how to overcome those biases, whether positive or negative.
There are things that the classroom as a whole can do such as; not allowing any kind of
dehumanizing language, create and enforce a classroom policy against any form of bias, create a
safe environment where the class can discuss controversial topics about racism and
discrimination. These are just a few things that I as a teacher can do to bring equity into the
I hope that I will become a teacher who capitalizes on the active learning process and
associates new ideas with the existing knowledge in memory, which facilitates learning, which
creates an environment of learning with an absence of negative conditions and emotions. I want
to become a teacher that captures the curiosity and creativity to stimulate learning. I want my
classroom to be facilitated by social interaction, discourse, and collaboration, where learning and
self-esteem are heightened. I want to be the teacher that capitalizes on all the different learning
modes and styles. I want my classroom to be a positive learning environment for my students as
well as for myself. This for now is my philosophy of education and is subject to change as I gain
more experience.