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1. Choose the correct answers


The man is very rich. Hes got . Money

a) a lot of b) much c) many

I want ...milk
a) any b) much c) some

Are there..messages for me?

a) any b) a c) much

Id like to eat . Yoghurt and muesli

a) an b) some c) any

I havent got . Money in my wallet

a) some b) much c) many

2. Complete the sentences with the words below

Some any an


I want .. milk in my coffee but I dont want sugar

She doesnt want . Mushrooms with her hamburger. She doesnt like them.

Theres .. ne coffee shop in Market Street.

I always have . hot chocolate in the mornings.

Theres .. atlas on my desk

3. Complete with a suitable quantifier


How ... children do you and Tony have?

2. I don't have .patience and I find jigsaw puzzles boring.

3. We only have .carrots. We should go and buy some more.
4. "Do we need any mushrooms?" "No, we have . Look, three bags!"
5. There was an explosion at the factory and people were injured. We don't know
how many yet.
6. When you make the pie, put .wine in too. But not too much! It makes it really
7. When you go out, buy me ..apple and a bottle of Coke.
8. I don't need advice from you. You don't understand the problem!
9. .. people think he is stupid, but he's actually quite intelligent.

4. Decide whether you have to use little or few.


We had ..snow last winter.

2. people were interested in the exhibition.

3. I speak ..French.
4. There are .. gentlemen nowadays.
5. She has . relatives.
6. There is water in the pond.
7. The professor spendstime in company.
8. We haveknowledge of this phenomenon.
9. There are . mushrooms in my mushroom soup.
10. animals can survive in the desert.

5. Use little/a little, few/ a few


.. came to see the play. It was very sad.

2. Come on! Weve still got .. time to finish this.

3. With time and patience youll forget her and will be happy again
4. I ve been to that restaurant . times. Its very good
5. Ive got 20 euros and . coins. Thats enough for tonight.
6. His computer needs cleaning. He takes very .. care of


Choose the correct answer

I havent got much/many time today

2. There are any/ a lot of apples on the tree.

3. Hes got a/an new iPod.
4. Are there a lot of/much people at the concert?
5. How much/many sugar do you want in your coffee?
6. There arent much/many cars on the road.
7. I havent got any/some cheese in my pizza.
8. How much/many sausages can you eat?