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Post-Observation Conference Record

Teacher Candidate: _Davontae Singleton____________

School: ___Muller Rd. MS_______________
Grade/Subject: ____6 / ELA______________________
Time of Observation: _____8:39 9:35______________
Date of Observation: __09.21.15__________
Observer: ____Roof______________________________
Date of Conference: ___09.21.15__________
APS 2 Short Range Planning of Instruction: An effective teacher facilitates student achievement by planning
appropriate learning objectives; selecting appropriate content, strategies, and materials for each instructional unit; and
systematically using student performance data to guide instructional decision-making.
The teacher develops instructional plans that include content, strategies, materials, and resources that are
appropriate for the particular students.
APS 2: Comments/Strengths/Areas to Improve
Davontaes lesson plans have always been done in a timely, thorough manner. He is conscientious in his efforts to
complete this task as efficiently as possible, knowing that they will only make him a better teacher in the classroom.
He details matching objectives and standards, and he is always comprehensive in his approach to the lesson and his
lesson plans.

APS 4 Establishing and Maintaining High Expectations for Learners: An effective teacher establishes, clearly
communicates, and maintains appropriate expectations for student learning, participation, and responsibility.
The teacher establishes, communicates, and maintains high expectations for student achievement.
The teacher establishes, communicates, and maintains high expectations for student participation.
The teacher helps students assume responsibility for their own participation and learning.
APS 4: Comments/Strengths/Areas to Improve
Working first with his CT, practically team-teaching, Davontae certainly holds his students to high standards, and I
think the students see him as an equal to their own classroom teacher, and that is certainly a compliment. He
completely explains assignments and expectations to students, and then he expects them to follow accordingly. His CT
left the class for me to observe, and students never missed him, nor did any of them try to act out because he was gone.
Davontae and Mr. Atkins have established a nice partnership, and students see Davontae as something of an extension
of Mr. Atkins.
APS 5 Using Instructional Strategies to Facilitate Learning: An effective teacher promotes student learning
through the effective use of appropriate instructional strategies.
The teacher uses appropriate instructional strategies.
The teacher uses a variety of instructional strategies.
The teacher uses instructional strategies effectively.
APS 5: Comments/Strengths/Areas to Improve
Mobility and fluidity were two of Davontaes strategies. He was constantly on the move, answering, directing,
intervening, etc. He incorporated use of the whiteboard, where students copied assignments, to oral reading to the
students, to students writing as he monitored and reading what they wrote. Transitions between activities were
seamless. Also, truly professional and not once hesitating, while I was observing, the school went into modified lock
down, and Devontae knowledgeably and calmly told students what to do. Later, after getting back into the lesson,
there was a fire drill! Again, Devontae knew the procedures, and directed, guided, and marched the students in single
file to the outskirts of the campus. He maintained control, working the line talking, calming, chuckling, etc. with the
students to keep down boredom. He was excellent in all these capacities.
APS 6 Providing Content for Learners: An effective teacher possesses a thorough knowledge and understanding of
the discipline so that he/she is able to provide the appropriate content for learners.
The teacher demonstrates a thorough command of the discipline that he/she teaches.
The teacher provides appropriate content.
The teacher structures the content to promote meaningful learning.
APS 6: Comments/Strengths/Areas to Improve
Teaching essay writing to sixth graders is not an easy task. Still, Davontae managed. He was organized, direct, held
students attention, organized throughout, prepared, and never faltered as he instructed, reviewed, directed, repeated
instructions, read, and maintained order as students read their works. He knew the lesson and addressed it with ease

and professionalism. Reading a childrens book was an interesting way for his students to engage in the details of
APS 7 Monitoring, Assessing, and Enhancing Learning: An effective teacher maintains a constant awareness of
student performance throughout the lesson in order to guide instruction and provide appropriate feedback to students.
The teacher continually monitors student learning during instruction by using a variety of informal and
formal assessment strategies.
The teacher enhances student learning by using information from informal and formal assessments to guide
The teacher enhances student learning by providing appropriate instructional feedback to all students.
APS 7: Comments/Strengths/Areas to Improve
Lots of questions, physical movement, examples, he and students reading (he, a book; they, their own writing). He was
constantly assessing through questioning, quick checks, vigilant observation, and listening as students read their written
work so that both he and fellow students could offer praise for what was correct and suggestions for what might be
changed to strengthen body paragraphs. This was an active, engaging process, and both he and his students participated
equally. Too, they both benefitted from and enjoyed this class activity: that was obvious.
APS 8 Maintaining an Environment that Promotes Learning: An effective teacher creates and maintains a
classroom environment that encourages and supports student learning.
The teacher creates and maintains the physical environment of his/her classroom as a safe place that is
conducive to learning.
The teacher creates and maintains a positive affective climate in his/her classroom.
The teacher creates and maintains a culture of learning in his/her classroom.
APS 8: Comments/Strengths/Areas to Improve
Visiting with the class briefly for six weeks, Davontae could contribute little to the physical classroom environment, but
he is certainly a classroom presence. Positive and encouraging, he invited and welcomed the students into his domain,
and the students willingly volunteered to accept and entered into a fun, fact-filled writing adventure. He created his
presence, he gained their respect and attention, and together they worked on writing, something that few teachers can
make so engaging, but Davontae did. He promoted learning, and students bought into what he was selling.
APS 9 Managing the Classroom: An effective teacher maximizes instructional time by efficiently managing student
behavior, instructional routines and materials, and essential non-instructional tasks.
The teacher manages student behavior appropriately.
The teacher makes maximal use of instructional time.
The teacher manages essential non-instructional routines in an efficient manner.
APS 9 : Comments/Strengths/Areas to Improve
I only observed excellent classroom management skills. Because students were active and engaged, he did not have to
call anyone down for misbehavior. He had already created a great rapport with the students and had simultaneously
created a great respect. Students did not have time for any kind of misconduct; they were an excellent group of young
people. One time only, did I see/hear him snap his finger and point to/call down a student who was talking when the
CT was making an announcement about the fire drill. He already knew all their names, too!
Overall Observation Comments/Recommendations:
After hearing so much praise of him by his CT talking about how involved Davontae was already and how he was
already teaching parts of his classes, I was anxious to see this young man in action. I saw action, lots of it, and
engagement and encouragement and praise and mutual respect. I saw a young man who is already a true education
professional, who obviously loves what he is doing: he could not have done such an excellent job if he did not. What I
observed was an excellent young teacher leading an excellent writing lesson with an excellent sixth grade language arts
class. I am very impressed. I am already looking forward to my next observation.
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