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Personal Narrative

My name is Meghan Grammer and I am a fourth grade teacher at Jarrettsville Elementary

School in northern Harford County, Maryland. I began my teaching career as a long term
substitute in second grade and was then hired as a third grade teacher. I spent 2 years in third
grade and then 2 years in fourth grade for a total of 5 years teaching experience. My work in the
classroom inspired me to get my masters degree in Special Education to better meet the needs of
all of my students in an inclusion setting. My coursework has been completed at Towson
University for both my Bachelors and Masters degrees. The purpose of this portfolio is to
highlight the professional and academic work I have completed. In addition, it is a strong
representation of the growth and knowledge I have gained throughout the course of the program.
The five signature assessments being highlighted are an Evidence of Student Learning Project
(ESL), an IEP Case Study, a Positive Behavior Support Plan, an Education Achievement Report
and a Universal Design for Learning lesson plan.
The Evidence of Student Learning Project (ESL) has been included to showcase my
ability to administer and analyze assessment data to inform and plan instruction (CEC 4, 7). My
knowledge and repertoire of assessments have grown and I have built a strong foundation for
utilizing assessment data to drive my instruction. This project demonstrates my ability to
effectively implement instructional strategies for students with a variety of needs (CEC 1,3,4,5).
Having completed the ESL project allows me to clearly align instruction with the Common Core
State Standards while developing lesson plans derived from formative and summative
assessments. This also allows me to better differentiate instruction and my assessments, integrate
technology and utilize effective classroom management strategies to increase student
achievement in all areas (InTASC 3,6,7,10).

An Individualized Education Plan Case Study is included in my portfolio to demonstrate

my knowledge of the special education process (CEC 1,6,7). As a current general educator and
future special educator, I am responsible for monitoring student growth. The IEP Case Study
highlights my ability to adhere to the procedures and protocols of a complex process. Also, being
able to gather information about a student to develop an individualized and age appropriate plan
to guide their success is equally important.
This professional portfolio demonstrates my understanding of effective behavior
management and strategies that can improve student learning through the completion of a
Positive Behavior Support Plan (CEC 2). This assignment required me to gather behavior data on
a particular student and then develop and implement a plan to eliminate the inappropriate
behaviors. I was able to positively impact the students work habits and eliminate distractions
through the implementation of the plan.
The Educational Achievement Report included in my portfolio demonstrates my ability to
administer the Woodcock Johnson Test of achievement and provided me insight about ways I can
modify my teaching strategies to ensure student success. Administering the assessment provided
benefits to my instruction and helped to meet the needs of the individual student being tested.
Using formative assessments as a tool to monitor student growth and make instructional
decisions will only allow my teaching to progress. I now have knowledge of how to score the
assessments and share out assessment results in parent-friendly language.
The Universal Design for Learning lesson plan included demonstrates my ability to
develop a lesson plan using the framework to support all learners including those with
disabilities, English language learners and students identified as gifted and talented. The project

highlights consideration of learner development and individual learning differences, knowledge

of curricular content and instructional planning and strategies (CEC 1,3,5) (InTASC 2,4,5,7,8).
I have high hopes that my professional growth is evident through these artifacts that have
been included. The most important growth that I have made professional through this program is
from my direct work with the students in my classroom and collaborating with other
professionals. I realize that teaching is a profession where constant learning and reflection are
necessary for growth. I am proud of my work highlighted and only hope to continue to gain
knowledge in order to improve my craft and better meet the needs of my students. Although I am
a general educator and plan to be for many years to come, the special education background will
only help to develop a more well-rounded educator.