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Editorial & Creative

P: 804.306.1846
E: maioraej@gmail.com

James Madison University
B.A. Writing, Rhetoric and
Technical Communications May 2014
Major GPA: 3.69
Deans List: Spring 13, Fall
Freelance Writing
Social Media Marketing
Microsoft Word
Customer Service: 5 years
working as a waitress.

BELLA Magazine, print issues
Marathon Time:
The Truth About Carb Loading
Let Me See You Do
That Yoga: 4 Must-Haves
Thatll Give A Whole New
Meaning To Hot-Yoga
Paralympic Athlete
April Holmes Inspires
With now 500+ views, I
taught myself how to design
a WordPress blog to
efficiently and successfully
showcase my personal

BELLA Magazine| Contributing Writer| Present

Develop content for womens luxury lifestyle articles with an insiders guide
perspective on fashion, health and beauty products, culture and
n Develop concise and original content for publication in the print issues of
the local NYC magazine that engages over 300,000 women every issue
and 75,000 digital viewers each month.
n Conducted my first thorough and authentic phone interview- learning the
language and procedures along the way- and from then on practice
storytelling and adhering to the subjects voice as well as the publications.
n Communicated and engaged closely with clients first-hand for product and
company backgrounds for producing a fashion/well-being advertisement
spread. Gathered research/fact-checked and images.
GL Editorial Services| Freelance Writer| August 2012-present
Serve as a contributing writer for a range of clients within the
health/beauty, education, career, parenting, and womens lifestyle space.
n Conceptualize and write feature articles, blog posts, and creative
headlines on a variety of topics while collaborating with a number of
editors and publishers.
n Established professional experience in the workplace, meeting strict
deadlines for multiple pieces at a time, provided assistance with
researching, SEO writing, and assisted in day-to-day management of the
companys numerous social media communities including Twitter and
n Manage various company tasks within WordPress and HelloSign
Elite Daily| Contributing Writer| May 2015-January 2016
Compose entertaining and insightful articles that relate to young readers.
Spot and keep up with generational writing/media trends.
Authored clear and concise time-sensitive articles including topics of
entertainment, social media, breaking news and personal narrative.
University 101| Editorial Intern| May-July 2015
Created relatable, reader-friendly content geared toward recent and
current college students.
n Close involvement of a startup blog by contributing original content and
participating in review sessions with fellow contributors. Pitched 10 ideas
each month and produced 2 college student relevant listical articles
each week including narrative driven topics of humor, lifestyle, and
Learned where and how to gather and implement GIFs and images.
The CollegeBound Network| Editorial/Social Media Intern| July
2012- August 2013
n Conceptualized, conducted research, and wrote original feature articles
and blog posts on a variety of topics, including pop culture, current trends,
college tips, health and beauty, and job/company profiles.
n Assisted in the day-to-day management of the companys numerous social
media communities.
n Established professional work ethic and met all deadlines in a timely
n Gained my first office experience by collaborating with editors and
publishers on a number of college-based websites that connect learners
with educational opportunities through various social media platforms.
e-Vision - An online academic journal| Editor| James Madison
University| August 2012-May 2013
n My foundation for editorial skills started by evaluating student submissions
for a yearly student-run journal at James Madison University.
Collaborated with student writers to review their work and proposed
editorial guidance from draft to final publication. Copyedited and proofread

articles/stories that include topics of personal experience, travel, reviews, general well
My work has also been featured in other digital publications including Elite Daily,
Thought Catalog, University 101, Career Co., and Job Network.