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Main Factions

In this Campaign, there are three main factions: the Hutt Cartel, The Jedi
Order, and the Black Legion. For a while after the destruction of Coruscant,
the Jedi order was scattered. Only in the last few years have they started to
reorganize. A new temple and home base have been built from the remains
of the Echo Base on Hoth. What was formerly known as the Republic has
been absorbed into the Jedi Order. The Order is led by the Grand Council.
There are currently four members of the council: Master Drace Beren, a
human from Coruscant; Master Mezgraf, a togorian; Master Vodo-Siosk Baas,
a Krevaaki; and Grand Master Mawa Haboth, an ithorian. The Hutt Cartel has
expanded its territory since the Galactic Civil War. It has managed to stay
semi-neutral in the war by secretly selling weapons to both sides. In addition
to that, they still deal in all manner of illegal trades: slavery, smuggling,
assassinations, etc. it is led by Juuru Nokko Nulla. The Black Legion is the
current sith empire. Its capital is on the ancient sith homeworld Korriban. It is
led by Lord Vayron, a Human who, as an apprentice, was responsible for the
destruction of Coruscant. His apprentice is Darth Vengoth, a zabrak.