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Annabell Jelitto
Ms. Oberg
English 11
24 February 2016
Under God Statement in the Pledge
The Pledge of Allegiance (P.o.A) is a simple, patriotic way of showing our respect and
gratitude for our country. The well known P.o.A has been around since 1892 when Francis
Bellamy wrote to express his cousins ideas including equality. Since then, it has gone through
many additions and changes to make it what it is today. The phrase under God, was added in
1954 by congress. This phrase should stay in the Pledge of Allegiance because the constitution
itself is based off the idea that everyone is born with inalienable rights, rights that the
government cannot take away, which suggests everyone is born with God given rights. This
being the case, the pledge is simply a supporting extension of the constitution. If we take this
phrase out of our pledge, we are defying the constitution as well.
America is a very patriotic country. Under God is not an actual prayer but simply an
addition to that patriotism. The definition of a prayer is: a solemn request for help or expression
of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship. The P.o.A is not a request for help, it is
simply a patriotic statement representing our country and its citizens who believe it to be
necessary to include His name in such an everyday statement because they feel so strongly about
their religion being a big part of this country, which it is. It is also not an expression of thanks to
God, it simply just mentions Him to give Him recognition because our country was built by
people who believe he was a major part in all of our success. Taking this statement out would
mean we would no longer recognize the presence of such a big role in our history.

The statement under God also does us the favor in separating us from other countries
and giving us an opportunity to represent our country in a very unique way. Reverend George M.
Docherty, who was a pastor of a Presbyterian church, argued that the pledge could be the pledge
of any country. (David Greenberg, The Pledge of Allegiance). Docherty gave the idea to add
under God to add some difference to the pledge and his idea was supported enough by
congress to be added in 1954. This statement not only separates us from other countries but
shows additional patriotism for our own country.
Others argue that this statement is a prayer and that is doesnt follow the rules of
separation of religion and state. Not only is it legal to keep this statement in the Pledge of
Allegiance but it is just one of several expressions of national identity and patriotism that
mentions God but doesnt violate the constitutions ban on state-sponsored religion. (Pledge of
Allegiance Resources). With it being simply an expression that does not violate the regulations
of the constitution, it should be allowed to stay in the pledge.
The Pledge of Allegiance is our countrys way of showing our patriotism and recognizing
our successes. With this, comes along the phrase under God. For our country, this is simply to
show how our society feels it to be necessary to acknowledge a big contribution to those
successes. We are separated in a good way from other countries with this unique statement. The
Pledge of Allegiance and the statement under God should stay the way it is and the way it has
been for many years.

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