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Particulars High Speed BB Plans FOR Home & Business Users with Limited Usage
BBG Super Speed Combo
Previous Nomenclature BBG Speed Combo 4500 * BBG Super Speed Combo 9999 @
BBG Super Speed Combo
Revised Nomenclature BBG Speed Combo 4500 * BBG Super Speed Combo 9999@
Bandwidth (Download
Upto 8 Mbps Upto 16 Mbps Upto 24 Mbps
Applicability All Users All Users All Users
Monthly Charges (Rs) 4500 4999 9999
Discounted Annual Payment
45000 49990 99990
Option (Rs)
Download/Upload Limit
75 GB 110 GB 220 GB
(MB/ GB) per month
Additional Usage
Charges/MB beyond free 0.20 0.20 0.20
download/upload limit (Rs)
Night Unlimited (0200-0800
No No No
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per
1/5 MB 1/5 MB 1/5 MB
E-mail ID)
Static IP Address (On
One One One
Security Deposit One Month charges One Month charges One Month charges
Minimum Hire Period One Month One Month One Month
Telephone fixed monthly
charges in Rs
Free Calls(MCU)/ Month 1000 500 1000
MCU charges/ pulse in Rs. 1 1 1
Commited Period for FREE
12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Type of Modem$ ADSL WiFi VDSL WiFi VDSL WiFi
* New Regular Plan launched w.e.f 18.03.2010.
# Promotional plan for 90 days from 03.03.2010.
@ Promotional plan for 90 days from 24.02.2010.
**The modem shall be given FREE if the customer commits for the period as shown and pays the necessary charges in
advance.In this case customers will than own the modem and not required to return the modem.
$ Customer eligible for ADSL Basic modem may be offered Other Modem Types on payment of Half the price.
Customers eligible for ADSL WiFi modem may be offered ADSL Basic modem ( if they choose so) without any extra cost.
1. The revision in nomenclature/ bandwidth, additional Usage charges beyond free download/upload, upgrading the
bandwidth for Business Unlimited Plans, Free calls in Combo Plans, Committed period for Free Modem, User segment, Free e-
mail IDs for Unlimited Business Plans are effective from 01-Apr-2010.
2. No additional Volume based discount as circulated vide letter no. 10-3/Comml./2009-R&C dated 02.04.09 shall be
applicable for all the plans.
3. The above rates are exclusive of Service Tax, which will be charged as per prevailing tariff.
4. Security deposit for local/STD/ISD facility and installation charges as applicable shall be taken from the customer.

http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/new_BB/BB_highspeed_lim.htm 4/12/2010