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Internet Marketing Plan Outline

(Based on material presented in Roberts, Internet Marketing; Integrating Online and Offline Strategies)

iExecutive Summary (1 3 pages)

This should be the last section written, although placed at the front of the report. The purpose is to
summarize the entire action plan in 1 3 pages in case one of the decision makers reads only this far.

I. Overall Business Objectives

II. Specific Marketing Objectives
III. Business Situation/SWOT Analysis
I Internal Situation
Performance Analysis
Data on Programs of A Similar Nature, If Available
Resource Availability and Allocation
External Situation
Technological Infrastructure
Value Chain
Summary: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
IV. Marketing Problems and Opportunities
VI. Identification of Target Market/Market SegmentsI
VII. Marketing Action Plans
Integrated Marketing Communications Online and offline
Customer Acquisition, Conversion and Retention Plans as appropriate based on
Quality and Customer Service
Technological Infrastructure and Data Requirements
VII. Testing Plans, if appropriate
Plan for Testing Critical Marketing or Program Variables Plan for Usability Testing of Web Site VIII. Evaluation Techniques
IX. Budget X. Implementation Timetable