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Demonstration of

Interfacial Polymerization

Demonstrated by Dr. Bill Mickols

Compiled by Wei Xie & Hua Li
Presented by Benny Freeman Research Group
The University of Texas at Austin
Feb. 2010

Protocol 2
2. Mount polysulfone support on a frame.

Protocol 2:
Mount polysulfone support on a frame

Protocol 3
3. Immerse in 3.0% MPD for over 1 hour.

Protocol 4
4. Place a piece of paper towel on the PMMA plate. Place the
MPD imbibed polysulfone support on top. Roll water soaked
rubber roller over top to remove water droplets.

Protocol 4:
Roll rubber roller over top to remove water droplets

Protocol 5

5. Place 1/4 inch thick silicone sheet with hole cut in on the support
membrane and the PMMA frame on top. Clamp with strong clamps.

Protocol 5:
Place silicone gasket and frame on top

Protocol 6

6. Pour 75 ml of 5 mM TMC (in dry dodecane) over the surface. Let

react for 1 min.

Protocol 6: react with TMC-dodecane solution

Protocol 7

7. Pour excess off. Disassemble frame. Mount back on PMMA frame.

Rinse the surface with 75 ml of hexane. Allow to evaporate for 1 min.

Protocol 7:
Disassemble frame and rinse with hexane

Protocol 8
8. Place in water until testing.

Dye test on IP membranes

Rejection: 98.7%, Flux: 35.8 LMH

Rejection: 78.4%, Flux: 45.9 LMH

Experimental conditions: cross-flow filtration, pressure = 225 psig, feed = 2000ppm NaCl water
solution, feed flow rate = 0.5 gpm.

ATTENTION!!! Experts alarm!

1) MPD has a reasonable vapor pressure. Never breath the
fumes and use it in a hood.
2) TMC does not have a vapor pressure but it readily degrades
to TMA and HCL GAS. Opening a sealed bottle will give off
HCL gas and could cause lung damage if you breathed a large
3) Hexane is very volatile, so no flames or sparks.
4) Never handle the surface of the polysulfone.
5) The pictures show a good example of the little bubbles.
These are due to the nipping (rubber roller) operation. Clean
up the drops of MPD behind the polysulfone. Then put a fresh
paper towel between the sheet and the support to absorb the
MPD drops.