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Closing Statement

Good afternoon honourable judges, lawyers, and others that have participated so
far. Throughout this trial we have shown that the accused, Arthur Mabo, is indeed guilty
of conscripting children into armed forces, enlisting children into armed forces, and
using child soldiers in armed conflict. Through the many testimonies of the witnesses
that have been heard, evidence has been shown to prove these charges. The
prosecution believes to have enough evidence to prove Mabo of his heinous and
abhorrent crimes.
Anna Kabolos testimony tells us that she was kidnapped by the PFLS at the age
of 10 which shows unlawful deportation and unlawful confinement. Her testimony also
tells us that she worked as a slave, maid and cook inside the camp, showing us that she
went through great suffering and inhuman treatment. Furthermore, Arthur Mabo who
she referred to as the Leader pointed a gun at her for simply dropping a drink. Last of
all, she was a child soldier, active in combat. A young child of 11 and a half at the time
who started handling an AK-47 and a knife in early morning raids where she would
shoot villagers while under the influence of amphetamines. This here is more than an
abhorrent crime, it is unacceptable.
Batemans testimony tells us that Anna indeed was a young child soldier who lost
her innocence after having to kill innocent people. His testimony also shows that indeed
Mabo was referred to as the Leader by Anna and indeed he saw 40-50 children
participating in a raid. And last of all, he indeed saved Anna from something that
already had destroyed her innocence. While she was holding an AK-47 and a knife, two
years after she was captured by the PFLS, Bateman had saved her.

In Gabas testimony, he has admitted to lying about his age. Not only that, he
has admitted that while he was an assistant to a soldier of the PFLS that he was
ordered to manage the other children in the camp and BEATING anyone who did not
obey. Then by the time he was a lieutenant at the age of 16, he has admitted to having
to round up as many youth as he could find with his weapon at hand. For what he calls
protecting the Lago culture and people he thanks the PFLS and Mabo in particular for
the fact that Mabo was indeed the sole commander of the PFLS.
(Add inadequacies in defenses case here and argue them back point by point)
Mabo denies that he recruited and enlisted children into the PFLS and denies
that he ordered his army to kidnap children. He instead is pointing his finger to Charles
Yitu, a man he himself has put in charge as a leader. With that, he denies his morals,
dignity, and heart. As a leader, he has admitted to having taken his job seriously, that
because he took his job seriously, he shouldve known that child soldiers were
undeniably in his camps, even if it was his subordinates that were doing it, and he
shouldve of done something to stop the atrocity. He is Commander Mabo, he is the
Leader, and he should be responsible.
In conclusion, Arthur Mabo is undeniably guilty of the following charges of
Conscripting young, innocent children under the age of fifteen years into violently armed
groups, enlisting children into these armed groups, and using children to participate
actively in these violent armed conflicts. We have proved throughout the trial that the
facts and evidence of the case have shown exactly the terrible actions and decisions of
Arthur Mabo, and that he deserves to be accused with these charges. It is a serious
violation to humanitarian rights for the people who suffered because of Arthur Mabo.

The many testimonies from our witnesses, who many are victims of his atrocities, state
that Arthur Mabo is not only the commander but state that he must, therefore, be
responsible for these odious, atrocious, heartless crimes. For the witnesses who have
seen too much of this crime, for the victims who have lost family, and for the children
whove lost everything: family, love, dignity, and innocence, Arthur Mabo, as the sole
commander of the PFLS, was and is a disgrace to humanity who must be punished for
all the hurt he has done.
Standby for changes in case things go the wrong way