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Holistic Help, Inc. encourages you

to actively participate in
enhancing your health and well
being. You are responsible to HOLISTIC HEALTH:
verify which are appropriate for
your needs. We assist financially The basis of Holistic Health is the
those diagnosed with trauma, belief that it is not the illness that is
mental illness to obtain holistic
healthcare services NOT available the focus of treatment, but the whole
to clients already. person: body, mind and spirit. This SERVICES approved to
applies to preventative programs as Providers in San
well as persons already experiencing Francisco Bay Area
The following services can be paid symptoms of “disease”. Positive only!
for by Holistic Help, Inc.: thought produces positive feelings
and results, with negative belief
 Holistic healthcare
systems hindering this process and
individual growth. Our varied
 Trauma therapy
workshops and programs seek to
uncover and release negative belief
 Massage therapy
systems, along with any suppressed
 Process therapy emotions. This allows natural healing
to occur and restores the individual to
 Spiritual healing a positive modality of living with
increased joy, health and well being.
 Personal Retreats “Honesty is the cornerstone of all
success, without which
 Counseling Maximum $1000 grant total confidence and ability to perform
per individual per calendar shall cease to exist.”
 Job Training
year or maximum of $3000
 Coach Holistic Help, Inc.,
No approval given for
Non-Profit Organization
 Equipment services already rendered.
P. O. Box 70995
Self Improvement No automatic payments!

Sunnyvale, CA 94086
No debit charges! Phone (408) 733-2885
 Home Organization Services Fax (408) 279-1130
Payments to Service
 Case Management Providers!