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Artifact Title: Soccer Captain

Date: Spring 2015

Artifact Description
This artifact is a Captains arm band given to me by my High school soccer coach in the 2015
season. I was the caption of the Clintonville Soccer Team. All of the girls on the team vote for a
captain and when I was chosen I was given several responsibilities. Each practice I would make
sure the girls warm up with running laps and would start our ball skills before coach showed up.
I was responsible for all of the girls to be ready on game days whether it be helping them
practice their shot or just words of encouragement. I would also hold captain practices of my
own during weekends and breaks to assist the girls with anything they wanted to work on. This
experience was not only enjoyable but also made me passionate about teaching and coaching.
Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment
This artifact best aligns with Standard 10: Collaboration: The teacher fosters relationships with
school colleagues, parents, and agencies I the larger community to support students learning as
well being.
The season I spent as a captain on my high school soccer team fits in well with the Standard 10
because that season I worked with and assisted my coach to explain drills, help girls improve
their skills, and encourage everyone on the team. For example, one of the girls on the team was
having troubles making her shots. I began to work directly with her to improve her shot and help
boost her confidence in herself once she was able to make goals. When girls were having
troubles whether it be on the field or in school it was my duty to make coach aware of any
situation that would affect their playing time. Another example is that I had to build a
relationship with every girl on the team and create a fun environment for them as well as give
them pep talks and encourage them for each game. I would also host pre game dinners so that the
girls would be able to build relationships off of the field as well. My soccer team was a club in
the community that could only run with some hefty bills. I would work with the soccer board to
make sure we had fundraisers set up as well as girls to work them. This would not only fund our
team, but also make the community aware and grateful for our service.
This experience helped me to build relationships with my coach, community, and team members
all while learning leadership skills and the importance of being a role model. I have grown from
my experience and am excited to put my skills into the real world and in my classroom someday.
UW-Platteville School of Education Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Statement Alignment
This artifact best aligns with KSD4.d: Contributes to the school and District- The candidate is
able to assume a leadership role among colleagues and is supportive and cooperative with peers
and volunteers, and serves as a participant and leader in school events and school and district
My time as a soccer captain has allowed me to work with higher authority, as well as with my
peers. I was able to gain the responsibility of leading my team and provide support throughout

the season. The authority given to me was a great experience, for I was able to see how my
leadership affected my team members individually and my team as a whole. This opportunity has
helped me to grow as a leader and will allow me to apply myself in the classroom as well.
Secondary KSDs:
KSD4.c: Communicates with Families
KSD4.e: Grows and Develops Professionally
KSD4.f: Shows Professionalism
What I learned about teaching/learning from this experience:
I learned that communication is a huge aspect of teaching. Teachers also need to build
relationships with not only the students, but as well as the parents. Teachers are responsible for
many children, therefore they need to be able to manage a class room and build trust from their
students to provide an education. When teachers dedicate time inside and outside of the class,
progress will be observed by the parents, district and community.
What I learned about myself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience:
I learned from this experience that it is important for me, as a teacher, to get involved not only in
the community, but also with my students. I believe that it is important for my future students to
trust me and to be comfortable with asking for help. Connecting with students, parents, and the
community, will benefit everyone. I also learned that I need to connect with my colleagues and
trust them as reliable support.