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Favorite Quotes

Elementary Education K-4 and
Special Education K-8

To teach is to touch the life of a
child. A caring teacher touches the
lives of many children.


I work at Ritas
Italian Ice every
I work at Boscovs
Department Store
every winter.
Ive worked for an
elementary school
summer lunch
program while I was
in high school.

A teacher is a lifelong learner.

Knowledge will bring you the
opportunity to make a difference

- I attend Kutztown
University and Ive made
the deans list every
semester Ive attended so

Lindsay Hand
18 West Franklin
Saint Clair, PA 17970

-I volunteer every summer for
bible school at my
-we play games, do crafts,
dance and sing, and learn
about the catholic faith
-Ive previously been a helper at
my church youth group program
before it was shut down.
-we would discuss
important things in our
lives, play games, help
people in the community
by having food drives and
visiting nursing homes
- I volunteer to help my aunt
whenever I can in her 2nd grade
CCD classroom.
-I volunteered in the life skills
room at my high school every
morning of my senior year and I
it! Bible School


My Philosophy of Education
After being in school for 12 years I
know that Ive had some of the best
teachers. Going to class every day and
having a teacher that truly cared about you,
made you feel safe, and made learning fun
was what made me want to become a
teacher. Having so many teachers help me
and make a difference in my life made me
want to do the same thing. I want to be able
to make a difference in as many childrens
lives as I possibly can. I want show them
that it is fun to come to school and learning
is exciting. I want them to be able to trust
me, feel safe, and feel welcomed in my
I know that Ive always loved school
which is why I am continuing my education
at Kutztown University and especially why
Im going to school to become a teacher. If
it wasnt for pleasant experiences when I

was in school I may not like school and may

not be where I am today. I know as a
teacher I will put all my effort into planning
my instruction based on things Ive learned
in college and research based instruction. I
will differentiate my instruction so that all of
my students can learn the material and be
successful. I will make my lessons fun and
exciting and get the students involved in
their learning as much as I can by using
manipulatives and technology in my
classroom. I will use appropriate and
meaningful assessments when evaluating
my students and I will always have an open
mind and never make assumptions or
judgments about any student.
Overall, I believe that a teacher is a
lifelong learner who is always taking classes
and learning new things about what works
and doesnt work in the classroom.
However, whether we see it or think about
it we are learning something new every day