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7th Grade Pre-Algebra

2015-2016 Syllabus
Falkville High School
Ms. Urick

Dear Pre-Algebra parents and students,

Welcome to my class! My name is Ms. Lydia Urick and I will be your students
7th grade Pre-Algebra teacher. I am very excited to have your student in my
class! Throughout the course of the year, we will cover a multitude of PreAlgebra topics as well as the real-world applications of this content. We will
apply critical thinking skills to the content covered in order to discover how
this content will apply to real-world scenarios.
Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or comments you
may have. I have provided my contact information and many online
resources that I find to be valuable for my students on my website. I hope
you will take a second to check out these resources and feel that they will be
very beneficial for students as well as parents/guardians. I am looking
forward to another great school year!
Ms. Urick

Ms. Uricks Contact Information

Email: lydiaurick@yahoo.com *Feel free to contact me via email at any
Phone: (256)-612-0062 *Response to phone calls will happen during office
hours Monday-Friday 7:00-8:00 A.M. and 3:30-4:30

Course Information
This course will help prepare students for the rest of their middle school
career and lay the foundation for their high school math classes. This course
will move quickly. This course will cover the following topics:

Proportional Relationships
Operations with Rational Numbers
Integer Inequalities

Absolute Value
Evaluating Numerical Expressions
Linear Expressions
Conversion of Decimals and Fractions
Scale Drawings
Parts of a Circle


2 inch 3-ring binder

1-subject notebook
Loose-leaf paper
#2 pencils
Scientific Calculator (TI-30X IIS)


Homework: 25%
Tests: 20%
Projects: 20%
Homework Quizzes: 20%
Bell Ringers: 15%

Extra Credit
Students will be given at least two different opportunities to receive extra
credit. Generally, I will give a two week window for these assignments to be

Classroom Expectations

Arrive on time
Come to class prepared
Work diligently
Be respectful of classmates
Participate in class activities

It is the students responsibility to collect any makeup work, schedule
makeup test times, and turn in assignments. Students will have one week to

complete all missed assignments. Failure to complete any missed

assignments within the allotted makeup time will result in a zero.

Classroom Rules

Be prepared
Be respectful
No bullying
Mobile devices not allowed during instruction

I have read the entire syllabus and understand the expectations in the PreAlgebra course.
Student signature:_____________________________________________
Parent Signature:______________________________________________

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