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x is 4" Grade Families, ee ZA “OZ” My name is Lindsay Hand and | am a student at Kutztown Za University. am pursuing a degree in elementary and special ay" education. | am currently in my final semester and will be spending €&. the next eight weeks in Mrs. Clemson’s classroom student teaching. I fad am excited to work with Mrs. Clemson and her students. I will be dl / taking on a majority of the responsibility within the classroom and i will begin teaching full days. | know I will learn a lot from this experience and it will prepare me for the career that I have always len passionate about. Sincerely, Miss Hand Throughout the next eight weeks | will be completing many class assignments. Some of my assignments require me to provide examples and evidence. | would like to ask you for your permission to photograph your child. | would like you to know that | will be blurring out the faces of all of the children in my pictures even if you give permission for me to photograph your child. However, if you do not feel comfortable with your child being photographed | completely understand. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter and for filling out one of the statements below. D , give permission to Miss Hand to photograph my child, for class assignments. NX \ do not give Miss Hand permission to. * photograph my child, for class assignments. enero TTS