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The following is a sample of the Lesson Plan format used by the University.
Lesson Topic/Focus:

Procedural Writing, how to play a

sport game.





Year level(s):


Content strand:





Text structure and organisation

Content Descriptors:

Understand how different types of texts vary in use of language

choices, depending on their purpose and context (ACELA1478)

Learning Standard(s)/Outcome(s):
Students can write a procedure by providing instructions for how to play an outside
1. I will state my goal in the beginning.
2. I will include any materials I need.
3. I will include step by step instructions.
4. I will ensure my step by step instructions follow a sequence.
Teaching focus:
(Chosen by Associate Teacher)


Use your voice/tone to control group. A louder voice/excited tone or whisper

will grab students attention. Your voice is a great tool in the classroom. Do
you want students to get excited, know you are serious, and listen attentively
when you whisper.
(Your personal choice of skill development)
Use my voice and different tones, seeing how the students react.
I will make a fuss of students who are showing positive behaviour and getting
the task done.
Use management strategies to stop students from talking over each other, e.g.
clapping or hand movements.

Background to the learning:

Teacher (Teacher resources to inform your content knowledge)

Bullseye instructions and video- https://physedgames.com/bullseye/
Bullseye video- https://www.pinterest.com/pin/520658406898357450/
Bean bag scramble instructionshttp://www.teachingideas.co.uk/pe/beanbagscramble.htm
Bean bag scramble video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?


Student (Identify Students background and current knowledge of


This is the second lesson, the first lesson explored the procedure of how to
make a banana milkshake.
They have previously attempted writing a procedural text of their own

Lesson resources:


Writing books

Bean bag scramble:
- 30 bean bags
- 5 hula hoops
- Soft balls
- Volleyballs
- Cones
Lesson content:


Begin the lesson by refreshing students memories on how to write a

procedural text.
Explain they will be going outside to play two different games and once
they have played both they will come back inside and write up one as a
procedure in their writing books.


5 mins
1. Refresh students understandings of procedural writing, have a discussion of
what they remember.
F.Q. Can someone remember what procedural writing is?
F.Q. What do we know about procedures?
2. Remind students of the purpose of procedural writing, have a discussion of
the purpose (it is to tell someone how to do or make something).
F.Q. Can someone remember the purpose of procedural writing?
F.Q. Can you think of anything other purposes of procedural writing?
3. We know that procedural writing tells us how to make something and gives us
F.Q. How would we write up a procedure from playing a sport game?
F.Q. What would we need to include?
F.Q. What are the features and type of language would we need to include?


Consolidation, practice, extension

30 mins

1. After having a short discussion of procedural writing to refresh students

ideas of the topic, take the students outside to play two games (bullseye
and bean bag scramble). Show YouTube clips before going outside to play
the games.
2. Have students sit down on the side of the basketball courts, explain they
must pay close attention how to play the games so they will be able to
write up a procedure on one of them at the end.
3. Explain Bean Bag Scramble.
- Place 5 hula hoops on the basketball court, place 4 making a square
and have one in the middle holding all the bean bags.
- Explain there will be 4 groups and on GO one person from each group
will run out to the middle and collect one bean bag at a time.
- Once the bean bag is back and placed in their teams hula hoop, the
next person in the group will run and collect another.
- This continues until no bean bags are left in the middle.
- Students will count the total amount of bean bags they have, the team
with the most bean bags in their hula hoop wins.
4. Get one team to come out the front to demonstrate before they play.
5. Then explain Bullseye.
- Split the gym or playing area into two halves.
- Create two teams. Each team is on their own half.
- Each team is split into two along both side lines, with 3 cones between
them. On the 3 cones, 3 volleyballs are balanced as targets.
- Give all players a soft ball.
- On the signal, players attempt to throw the soft balls back-and-forth at their
volleyballs to knock them off of the cones.
- The team that knocks over more volleyballs wins.

6. Once both games have been played, students will come back inside and
write up one of the games as a procedure.
7. Draw students attention to the proforma, reminding them how it should be
correctly set out.


Early Finishers- Extension Activities

Ask students that finish early to proof read and check they havent missed

5 mins

Bring students back to the floor and ask a few students to share their