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Chandler Hovik

SED 322

Professional Growth Plan

Goals for your 1 year of teaching: I have many goals I want to achieve during my first year of
teaching. I believe that as a first year teacher one of my goals should be to build relationships
with my students and colleagues. It is very important that you show respect to your students and
colleagues and really get to know them. I want to establish a Physical Education program that
students are excited about and want to come to my class every day. I will accomplish this by
using information that I have learned over these past couple years at ASU and use knowledge
from veteran teachers. I want to attend conferences that I know will help me improve as an
educator. I want to be organized and have every quarter mapped out with my lessons and goals
for my students. My goal is to get to know my students and help them understand how important
physical education and physical activity is not only for them physically but mentally as well.

Long term goals (5 year plan): I have many long term goals I hope to achieve within my next 5
years. I hope to pursue and obtain my masters degree within three years of graduating from
ASU. As of right now I would want to pursue a masters degree in either special education or
educational leadership. Another one of my long term goals is to have an established physical
education program that covers a variety of certain skills and knowledge about how to live a

healthy and active lifestyle. I hope to be a P.E. teacher at the school I am coaching football at. I
plan on being a head varsity football coach within the next 5 years. My main goal over the next
five years is to have a positive impact on my students and do whatever I can to help prepare them
for their futures.
Continued development
-I want to be a member of Shape America
-I will attend P.E. conferences that inform me on new teaching methods and
-I will attended any professional development and staff meetings
-I will obtain my masters degree