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The Quarterly
Publication of
Life-Growth Inc.

ISSUE 39, APRIL 2016

A Mighty Visitation of the Holy Spirit at Glory Night

LGI Global Net Takes Off

Praise God! This year, the Holy Spirit
has expanded our missions ministry to
reach out to Pampanga and Pangasinan.
We thank God for our coordinators and
thirty-one (31) students enrolled in the
Global Net (GNet) program:
Dalayap-Macabebe, Pampanga
Facilitator: Ptr. Joanne Valenzuela
San Fernando, Pampanga
Facilitator: Ptr. Vida Mei Rivera
Alcala, Pangasinan
Facilitator: Ptr. Joanne Valenzuela
We praise the Holy Spirit for moving so
powerfully and so lovingly among us,
that He would long to reach out to as
many.... Just as Jesus said, unto the ends
of the earth. We have only began to
scratch the surface. May He use us even
more to reach the very hearts of those
He loves.

We thank the Holy Spirit for Glory Night,

a power-packed evening of worship and
biblical teachings and testimonies on the
ministry of signs, wonders and miracles!
Close to 200 people from various churches
and organizations came to experience the
various manifestations of the Holy Spirits
presence and power. Pastor Hiram
Pangilinan, founding pastor of Church So
Blessed and author who is a dear LGI friend
and prayer partner was our speaker.
Testimonies of healing were declared by
some of the attendees before the evening
ended! The strongest message declared that
evening is that, Every believer in Christ,
through the power of the Holy Spirit is

anointed and set apart to move in signs and

wonders in these crucial times. The clear
call was for Gods people to welcome a
deeper hunger in their spirits to want more
of God and begin moving in their Godordained identity as ambassadors of Christ
called to be channels of the Holy Spirits
works of healing and deliverance. What an
amazing time for everyone to be refreshed
by the presence of God especially during the
prayer time where the participants
themselves prayed and ministered to one
another. What a sight to behold! It was
truly glorious night from start to finish!
Thank you Holy Spirit!

LGI Launches International Ministry Tour

We praise the Holy Spirit for opening the
doors of nations for the Jesus-Agenda -fulfilling what He has promised that He will
give us the nations of the world!
This year, LGI goes international as doors
are opening one after the other. God
revealed that this is a season to expand our
reach. God wants to pour out His Holy
Spirit powerfully to those who are far off -ushering revival and renewal in the lives of
people. LGI is committed to reach as many
as we can to be touched by the Holy Spirit.
LGI is blessed with skilled facilitators and
supportive ministry coordinators who share
the same burden of bringing the power of
the Holy Spirit in their areas.
The Holy Spirits wind is blowing mightily
upon these places where He will release His
power and presence:
April: LGI Canada
Facilitator: Ms. Cookie Puno
Coordinator: Meryl Calaguas

May: LGI USA Part 2

Facilitator: Rev. Bernadette Morales
Coordinators: San Diego (Wendy Vaughn);
Orange County (Pamela Marquez); Anaheim
(Edna Tamondong); Maryland (Regina
Domingo); New Jersey (Grace Amistoso);
New York (Liza Dupingay), Pennsylvania
(Pastor Liza Garcia)
May: LGI Israel
Facilitator: Rev. Criscelyn Navarro
June - July: LGI UK Part 2
Facilitator: Ptr. Vida Mei Rivera
Coordinators: Birmingham (Gel Magsino)
& London (Armida Uyami)
June: LGI Macau
Facilitator: Rev. Criscelyn Navarro
Coordinator: Apple Yatco
August: LGI Cambodia
Facilitator: Rev. Criscelyn Navarro
Coordinator: Gladys Nejudne
October: South Korea Prayer Mt.
Facilitator: Rev. Criscelyn Navarro
November: LGI Turkey (7 Churches)
Facilitator: Rev. Criscelyn Navarro


Life-Growth Christian NetWork Inc.

ISSUE 39, APRIL 2016

LGI Leads High Impact Church Seminars

After the launch of High Impact Church
Edition at the close of 2015, we were able
to conduct five (5) High Impact seminars in
UCCP Pampango Church (ILEAD); UCCPTacloban Church (IOVERCOME); Puno
United Methodist Church (ILEAD); UMC
Koronadal (SOBT) and the International

Evangelical Church in Alabang (HIGH

IMPACT). These seminars served a total of
175 active and emerging church leaders who
are currently serving their respective local
churches, jurisdictional conferences and
christian organizations. A number are
pastors and deaconesses as well.

LGI Conducts High Impact Corporate Seminars

We thank you Holy Spirit for your

mighty visitation in these workplaces! LGI is
organizations to conduct our High Impact
Seminars. This is a season of expansion and
breakthrough as we step into the corporate

Dr. Miriam Calaguas facilitated the

arrangements held in Tagaytay last April 9.
The Values Formation seminar was able to
usher in the spirit of unity and love among
the participants as they expressed their need
and appreciation for one another in
accomplishing their work.

JAC Liner Group of Companies

Our first High Impact Values Formation
seminar was for JAC Liner Group of
Companies held last April 2, conducted by
Pastors Bernie Morales and Cris Navarro.
The project was made possible by Kristinna
Palomo of Full Responsibility, a Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultancy
Firm. Ms. Monette Jacob, HR manager of
Jac Liner, is very blessed that LGI is able to
help them raise ethical workers through the
program we developed for them.

Philippine Information Agency

Pastor Cris and Pastor Ester Bartolome hold
monthly prophetic ministries at the PIA
through the coordination of Ms. Girlie
Bangunan. The group is always excited with
Gods prophetic messages for each one of

Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Another client is the Jose Reyes Memorial
Medical Center-Radio Therapy Department.

Golden Faith Academy

Additionally, LGI Directors Pastor Cris and
Rose Ann Carino delivered the graduation
speeches for the Golden Faith Academy. The
school and the parents were commended for
their partnership in raising godly children in
this depraved generation.

Holy Spirit Blows His Wind in Koronadal, South Cotabato

We praise the Holy Spirit for blowing His
wind mightily as another WindWatch
satellite was established last January 22 in
Koronadal, North Cotabato. We praise God
for Bong and Ester Lee Paragas for
partnering with the Holy Spirit in releasing
His signs, wonders and miracles among the
thirty (30) people who attended.

Hallelujah, let Your wind blow some more

where it pleases you!

Other Upcoming Events

April 16: Pru-Life High Impact Seminar
May 13: WindWatch Prayer Group
Fellowship Night
May 16: LGI Kids
Moving Up Ceremony
May 3, 5, 10 & 12: Arts & Craft
Summer Fun
May 18-26: LGI 6th Israel Worship &
Study Tour
May 21: Prophetic Kids Summit 3
June 4: Inside and Out: A Worship
Seminar Workshop
June 19: Finding Dory
An LGI Movie Block Screening for the
benefit of the LGI School Building

Rev. Dr. Mina N. Palomo Editor-in-Chief
Rev. Bernadette A. Morales Managing Editor
Rev. Criscelyn C. Navarro Contributor
Joy C. Puno Contributor
Rose Ann M. Carino Contributor
Laarni J. de Belen Lay Out Artist

Life-Growth Christian NetWork Inc.

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