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Using questioning techniques in the classroom

What students will benefit from using questioning


All primary and secondary students

What are questioning techniques?
Questioning techniques come in many forms in the
classroom. When used correctly questioning techniques
can be used to scaffold students, and promote higher
order thinking from the students. Research has shown
that with effective questioning techniques the teacher
can engage students, build up students self-esteem,
and create an open class room culture that welcomes

Strategies for effective questioning

Using questions that reach all cognitive levels: building up
questions starting with remembering and work up to
evaluating and creating
Wait!: Use appropriate wait time to give your students time
to process the question and think of a response.
Vary the manner of response: dont be afraid to come up
with different ways a student can respond to the question,
use writing or drawings.
Encourage reflection: while reading have students write a
question about the paragraph they are about to read after
they read only the first sentence. Then have then reflect
back ion whether or not the paragraph answered their

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