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TEAM Lesson Plan Template

Miss. Alison
Counting from 1 to 100 and to 100 by tens
I can count

Summary of the task, challenge, investigation, career-related scenario, problem,

or community link
The children will be working on how to count from 1-100 and to 100 by tens


Identify what you want to teach. Reference State, Common Core, ACT College
Readiness Standards and/or State Competencies.

Count to 100 by ones and by tens

Clear, Specific, and Measurable NOT ACTIVITIES


- Count starting at 1 and going to 100

- Vount by tens on the decde
- Use number and the count sequence
Students show evidence of proficiency through a variety of assessments.
Aligned with the Lesson Objective
Formative / Summative
Performance-Based / Rubric
Formal / Informal

-Self evaluation of Unit

-Teacher evaluation of Unit
-Unit Completion and incorporation of major elements expected to be present
-Use of time to research

Aligned with the Lesson Objective

Rigorous & Relevant

220 pennies
counting by tens worksheets
I can count to 100 worksheet
Active board

Motivator / Hook
An Essential Question encourages students to put forth more effort when faced
with complex, open-ended, challenging, meaningful and authentic questions.

How should I organize my counting?


Step-By-Step Procedures Sequence

Discover / Explain Direct Instruction
Modeling Expectations I Do
Questioning / Encourages Higher Order Thinking
Grouping Strategies
Differentiated Instructional Strategies to Provide Intervention & Extension

-Sing the counting to 100 song

-Sing the countin gto 100 by tens song
-Get the children into groups of ten and have each group count at ten pennies and then
all of the kids put them together to make 100 pennies
-work on the counting to 100 worksheet
-work on the counting to 100 by tens worksheet
We Do You Do
Encourage Higher Order Thinking & Problem Solving
Differentiated Strategies for Practice to Provide Intervention & Extension

As a class the students and I sang to counting to 100 song and we also sang the
counting to 100 by tens song. At the end of this leson when I feel the children are
confident in there skills they have just recently learned I test them by calling them up 1
by 1 and count to 100 for me and then count to 100 by tens for me. I will evaluate to see
if I taught the students well and if not I will have to re-eveluate my lesson and think of a
new way to teach them so they will undertsand it.


Reflection / Wrap-Up
Summarizing, Reminding, Reflecting, Restating, Connecting

Remind the children to go home and practice counting to 100 by ones and by tens with
the flashcards I provided for the child to work with their parent.
They sing, write, speak, and work on their own.

There are no speial needs students in the class so we move at a fast pace